Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Day=Movie Time

Christmas Day what are you doing? Dating with your girlfriend/boyfriend? Dinner outside with friend or with family? For me here, I went to Gurney Plaza with my parents to watch a movie. We watched Yes Man.About 6.00pm we reach Gurney Drive. There was a lot of people walking a Gurney Drive and walking out from Gurney Plaza. It's holiday and many people was shopping inside the complex.This ticket voucher is given by my cousin. I don't know how he get this voucher but he's kind and give us a chance to watch a free movie! Thank you cousin! Btw, there is no add on and premiere class for us. But I believe non premiere class already good!I am shocked that if I get caught by the security while I taking photos. I have been my first time watching movie in GSC Gurney Plaza. Since Queensbay Mall opened, I seldom go to Gurney shopping because it's too far from my place! So I prefer watching movie in Queensbay!Everything you must say YES! Anything and everything?! haha. You watch then you will know! Posted by GenYong 27.12.2008

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