Sunday, December 28, 2008

Guney Drive Photos Shoot Out

It's a cool christmas day afternoon, we went to Gurney Plaza for watching movie. Before we walked into Gurney Plaza, I took some photos shoot out along Gurney Drive. That's really traffic jam and crowded of people at the beach side. Chit chatting, buying stuffs, playing kite or just sitting there a cooling wind? There were no wonder is teenagers, old people or parents, they were gathered together and have fun!
Outside Car #1

Outside Car #2
I take my camera and keep snapping outside the beach walk. I saw a lot of people was walking and chit chatting to each other. Some kids still playing kite at the beach because there have wind along it! It's a nice place and the nice time to play!
We were very lucky that time, we found a nice place to park our car for about 4 hours. The parking man shocked and asked us are we sure. Then my dad gave RM2.40 for 4 hours and some deposits.(not sure) The uncle was a kind man and he told us some about Gurney Drive!
Traffic Jam
You can see there was a lot of vehicles travel along the road. That's why make it traffic jam. I got an idea to correct the way and enlarge the road in front Gurney Plaza. Because now there is packed with High Rise Apartments, Condominiums, Hotels. Just one small road is not enough, parking lots not too much at road side! Just can refer Queensbay!
Beach View
The beach is 'enlarge' out. I don't know why will become like this? Maybe they proposed to build out the Gurney Drive out to beach and have a large way to drive on! Let's our state government to decide. Posted by GenYong 28.12.2008


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I don't like such events, because of the cars and traffic! The photos show the truth!

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