Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Young Designer Arts Camp Day2

Actually I attend this arts camp on 17th November(Monday) as well as Monday my sister still holding the camera, so I can't snap any photos. Anyway, Tuesday I get it! I get the camera and go for the arts camp to snap here and there! Yo~! I have to manage to get group shot tomorrow with all the participants of this arts camp! Especially ..... Hmm! LOL.

Alright we have our camp inside the hall the free of charge from the local residents. It's a youth centre there! I met many friends there and one people who ever I always observe! I must take photos with her tomorrow! Must do it ~! =) Show you some photos that I snapped yesterday:
Penang Youth Centre
Here is the place which we gather together in the camp!
Scenery of Youth Centre
The scenery outside or inside view of Youth Centre
Scenery of Youth Centre#2

View from Youth Centre

This is the foundation. This building is built and opened on 1956 that's before Merdeka.
Cannon Street
As I walked along the Cannon Street. I get it the Khoo Kongsi is there so many tourists are going to visit there else.
Anak-anak Kota
Besides that I also saw the Anak-anak Kota, the organizer of this arts camp! This is their office lot. Work in heritage building seems got another lifestyle! Next post will be more details... Check it out please! Thank you. Posted by GenYong 19/11/2008

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