Thursday, December 29, 2011

After SPM.... We Rocks!

Well, I had graduated from secondary school and finally finished up my studies as a secondary student, I had completed challenge SPM 2011! On the last day of SPM, I manage to take some photos of my friends before I leave the school.
Before the last paper exam, everyone was hardworking doing last minute revision.
SPM examination is struggle but yet it's not really that hard. Maybe I was stress on that because my foundation in science was not good enough. The most scary part should be Additional Maths, but now everything has over! It's the time for us to enjoy well ourselves! So guys did you enjoy your holidays?
After the last paper, everyone was like flying out of the cage! The classroom was empty!
I missed my friends a lot because most of them were friendly and they were all good friends. Some of them I knew them since I was Form 1 and some of them just recently knew well of them. Time flies, so fast we leave each other already. I just hope that next time we can meet again in somewhere? Really hope that! The most I missed is my school life, somehow not satisfied of the schooling system previously but now I started to miss it.
All my friends, I hope that we can stay connect via phone calls, SMS, Address, Email and the most important is Facebook! Well, I wish everyone here getting awesome in your life and try the best to achieve higher level in education or jobs! 10 years later, we will be different and I promise we will gather in school again to find back our schooling memories! =) I miss friends. Posted by GenYong 29.12.2011

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Chung Ling High School Revive

I had finished my studies in Chung Ling High School! Hooray, I had graduated from this school and getting little freedom now! But somehow, I missed my school mates as well as my beloved teachers. I hope that we can stay connect with each other although we had graduated from school! Well, when I went back to school for returning my text books, I saw a big change for Chung Ling High School.
What changing in the school actually? I walked through my previous class room, they are busy renovating and painting for the new look. All the photos that I had taken previously will be the forever memories for us. We are the last batch using the class with dark blue coloured wall and the old whiteboard. 
Now each form 5 classes had turned to high technology, they are using the smart board for teaching purpose and it seems to be different from the normal projector. I heard from teachers said that each subject have to prepare for the interactive program in teaching, well it's hard! The Smart board is in touch screen mode and it cost high! One word can be said, the school is rich!
So I was glad to see that Chung Ling High School getting the big change! But I think the school should subsidize more on students expenses and don't need to always upgrade the facilities in school, perhaps not everyone going to use it as well. Chung Ling can be better, I believe that and I love it always. Wait 20 years later, is my turn to donate for school! Posted by GenYong 29.12.2011

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Wednesday, December 28, 2011


What's the features on the new launched iPhone 4S?? I am sure everyone knows that! The top special features from iPhone 4S for sure is SiRi! I love SiRi very much because she can answer my almost questions. Besides that, SiRi can also encourage me to learn well English. SiRi is brilliant and she is able to talk to me anytime anywhere when I ask her something.
I will love her much and I am sure she will like my advisor and showing me the ways to solve some critical problem! SiRi knows most of the things, and SiRi can even detect your sound and tell you the answer that you wish to know! Somehow like I ask her "Where am I?" She will answer me the location that I am staying at! It is so cool.
I wish I can get a iPhone 4S so I can ask her what should I do the next? Perhaps any questions else? Anyway, I think SiRi match with DiGi will be my perfect choice, do you know why? SiRi can answer me most of the questions, whereas DiGi can provide me the unlimited Data Transfer and the affordable call rates. So I will choose DiGi as my best companion and SiRi for sure my best companion to answer up my questions! Hopefully I can get an iPhone 4S when I open my house door! What a surprise then! =) Thanks to Nuffnang and DiGi! Posted by GenYong 28.12.2011

DiGi iPhone 4SURE I DO 1ST

After posting up the previous blog posts, I am trying my best to complete the whole blog post set for this contest. DiGi is giving out iPhone 4S, I hope that i can get myself an iPhone 4S from DiGi! Alright, the first impression from me for iPhone 4S is the new device SiRi. So the first thing I will do is to thank DiGi and Nuffnang for giving me the chance to win myself an iPhone 4S.
From that on, the first thing I will do is to connect to Internet via WiFi to inform my friends that I have won an iPhone 4S. Besides that, I will say a bunch of thank you to DiGi and Nuffnang for sending me this iPhone 4S. After that, I will talk with SiRi to let her get the service for me! Take a photo of my family and send to web maybe? Hmm... I really hope that I can win an iPhone 4S!
Next, I will sign up for the DiGi package to connect my iPhone 4S. I really hope that one day I can complete  with my dream. No matter how, the first thing I will do is to thank DiGi and also Nuffnang provide me the chance stands to win an iPhone! Thanks to DiGi and Nuffnang 4SURE I DO 1ST! Posted by GenYong 28.12.2011

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Merry Christmas Angry Bird

Yo guys, so how was your christmas celebration recently? Did you receive any gifts from Santa Claus? Yes I was glad to receive a christmas cake from my neighbours. They were so helpful and friendly and I was glad to have such neighbours like them. Well I love the christmas cake very much. The cake is in round size but it was specific designed as an angry bird! Cool... the red angry bird design looks so real and nice!
See? The angry bird design was so unique and it looks so special on that. Isn't it? Hmm... It looks nice but when I taste on it, it was just the simple sponge cake. Can be consider not bad already, this cake was given by people so no matter how we cannot comment much on it. Finally I ate up everything with my family. The taste was normal but the design was awesome!
So what you get for your christmas? Oh ya... actually this christmas my mum had spent a lot on buying new IT stuffs for me and my sister! She was so kind and I love her very much! My sister had bought Samsung Galaxy W and I had bought a brand new laptop Toshiba Satelite L-745 Notebook. A new pearl white colour, the design was so awesome and I love it very much enjoying using it now! Posted by GenYong 27.12.2011

Monday, December 26, 2011

D'Rock @ Setia Pearl Island

Yo can you rock the world? Hahahaa. Actually what's D'Rock? D'Rock is a natural place which developed in Setia Pearl Island. My house was located near there so I used to every week will go there for once. I can comment that the place there was the peak of the residence area. The place was formed because of the big rock there. The developer Setia Properties did not destroy out the rock but they renovate and refurnish it back and turn to the natural exercising estate.
The first time I went there, I was so surprise to come to this new place which I could see out of the sky and the housing estate nearby. The cool wind was blowing up my mind and I went up there to do my SPM chinese revision before. It was a cool place which suits everyone! A playground up there for children's usage.
I could view the scenery of Bayan Lepas and could see the second Penang Bridge too! It was so nice. I could see those developing houses and which land going to be develop and more. It's a good place to be there for relaxing your mind, release stress and more!
I believe that those Setia Pearl Island residence should know about that. Although they know about that, I saw less people will be going there to have their exercise. Well, maybe is the security problem because that area was secured with security guard, not many people can be there unless you're the residence there! I told the security guard that I go in for exercise so he could let me in! xD
Besides that, Setia Pearl Island Reflection Sky Tower was developing fast now! I think already having higher than 10 floors built. The good quality of building and many workers are working there now. Not bad! I think perhaps next year this building will be completed and more residents are moving in! That time my house there really traffic jam and I am now worry of that! =(
I was there relaxing myself and it's a good place to have some photos shoot too!
The special designed ship was located on top of D'Rock! 
Last few days I went exercising with my sister... We used to walk there from our home and took some jogging up to the hill. After getting the permission from the security guard, we went up there to enjoy the nice scenery view and my sister had made her first time being there. She told me to bring her up to this place again to relax her mind next time. So you should visit there once! Posted by GenYong 26.12.2011

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Dong Zhi Festival 2011

Previously, most of the chinese were celebrated the Dong Zhi festival.Actually what's Dong Zhi festival? In English Dong Zhi Festival 冬至 is called as Winter Solstice Festival which most of the chinese will make the glutinous rice ball 汤圆. For my family was also the same, my grandma will celebrate this festival every year and cooked the big meal like reunion dinner.
In the Dong Zhi festival eve, we will sit together and make the glutinous rice ball together. First, my grandma bought the materials from the groceries shop which full of 4 colours. Why 4 colours? According to my grandma, it means that one year we have 4 seasons then some sort like 4 factors. I am not sure and I just roughly get the meaning on that. xD
These are the 4 colours of glutinous balls. They are red, yellow, green and white!
On this blog post, I will show you some steps on making the glutinous rice ball. According to my grandma's steps, she will first let the materials that bought back to be dried a bit by using cooling fan. After that, she will take out the materials and put in a bowl with adding fine sugar to roll on it. What's the purpose there? Actually it's to make the materials turn to be softer and more chewy when you eat.
Roll first with adding sugar inside.
After the process of rolling, she will put the materials on the white cloth to let the excess water being absorbed. Then start with one colour first. My grandma will make the materials into cube and let us to roll it into sphere size. I think I need 1 or 2 minutes to do it as a sphere and completed one glutinous ball. Just repeating those steps above and you can done the glutinous ball.
There we had completed the process of making 4 colours of the glutinous balls. It seems to be so colourful right? It takes about 2 to 3 hours to complete all the glutinous balls. If you have more people to help you, it will turn to be faster. 
After the process of making,we had arranged the glutinous balls according to their colours. Grouping all of them like playing the mix and match games. After grouping them it seems like the colourful wonderland. I like those 4 colours very much because they look nice and not weird.
After completed everything, I put myself in front of the camera and smile to it to show that we had completed making the glutinous balls and prepare to cook for the next day. Since I was 5 years old, I love to eat glutinous balls every year. I was told from my grandma not to eat too much because when we eat once we will grow elder, if then we eat a lot we will grow older. But after I get the knowledge, I just realise that's only the story from the eldest... At last I love it too! I will eat up at least 5 bowls of glutinous balls once a year. xD! Posted by GenYong 25.12.2011