Tuesday, December 9, 2008

SenQ Shop here I bought Plasma TV

SenQ shop @ Queensbay Mall. Here I bought the Plasma TV last week. Actually now the Plasma TV is currently in my new house. Last sunday, my family were moving to there and have a wonderful night there. If you follow my twitter then you will know it!

Last Tuesday at this time my dad brought us to electrical shops and look for a TV. That time I was keep asking people LCD or Plasma TV, which better. At the end, from the manager of SenQ, he recommended us to buy Plasma if we are watching Astro.
So finally we choosed Plasma TV. Panasonic 42''... The plasma is just like on top picture the TV that hang on the wall! I feel so comfortable in new house, because it is new house! Is my dad first ever bought his own house. It's just no PC, no Internet and no blog there. But I think have a TV for entertainment is enough, slowly to buy another PC and also home theater system! Posted GenYong 09.12.2008


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