Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Happy Merdeka Day 2011!

File:History merdeka.jpg
Celebrating Merdeka Day, flashing back 54 years ago, Malaysia had been announced to be an independent country by 1st Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman!! Shouting on "Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!" 7 times, witness that our country had end the 446 years colonialism from Portugal, Holland, Japan and British.
54 years until now, 3 major races in the country still support each other and treat their country as their only home! We are loving Malaysia, because we are all Anak Malaysia, Anak Merdeka too! As from year 1957 until now, although there were a lot of problems happened but finally we could solve it peacefully.
With the theme 1 Malaysia since year 2009 by current Prime Minister Dato Seri Najib Razak. The new concept of Malaysia had begun! All the citizens in the country were united together to serve the country better! Since 1957 until now, we had 6 Prime Ministers 13 Yang Dipertuan Agong! Again to mention, we are lucky to have the good country which free from disaster, free from war, free from economics crisis and many more!
So again.... Loving Malaysia, Serve The Country Better, Happy Merdeka! =) Posted by GenYong 31.08.2011

Friday, August 26, 2011

Astro Talent Quest 2011 Finale LIVE (Part 1)

I did myself first time to witness the talent show LIVE in front of my eyes. The feeling of sitting inside the LIVE broadcast area was much different that you sitting in front of the television watching it! So I was glad to have the chance to watch it LIVE at the venue!
Previously, Astro Star Quest 2011 was held at Penang International Sports Arena (PISA) which near to my house. I tried to login to Astro Life website and request for the tickets, I was feeling lucky because I had received 2 tickets from Astro 2 days before the event.
Before the event started, those supporters and audiences went to have the light dinner first and of course the sponsors were there selling their products such as drinks, instant mee cup, sweets, snacks and so on! Not bad.
Actually before the LIVE broadcast session, the person who lead the atmosphere will cheer up and give a short briefing to the LIVE audiences first. After that they still have the countdown session for everyone and somehow was like a countdown concert into LIVE broadcast.
The atmosphere there was high and everyone was showing their supports to their favourite contestant. They also followed the instructions from the cheer and put up their hands to show the support for the event.
There you can see the countdown session had started... All the supporters started to cheer up the whole atmosphere! This you can't be watch in TV! *xD
There the LIVE broadcast had started... All the lights were in function! All supporters started to cheer like MAD!!!
All the contestant were out and performing the group song together! The starting atmosphere was so HIGH!! Supporters keep on cheering their favourite contestant's name!
This year all the finalist contestant were from other states. This year don't have Penang contestant go into final, if got there will be even HIGH!! This year Ying, Geraldine, Miko, Licus and Kim... all of them were so strong and they also represent Malaysia go and participate in Taiwan popular talent show Million Star 华人星光大道!
Luckily at last I get the front seat of VIP because there were some empty spaces left. So we go and fill up the places. I went there with my dad and really a good chance to watch LIVE. Stay tuned for the upcoming blog posts. This blog posts will be continue with videos some more! Check it out. Posted by GenYong 26.08.2011

Monday, August 22, 2011

Food Gallery @ Penang Times Square

A few weeks ago, I went to Penang Times Square Food Gallery with my parents! Food Gallery in Times Square was opened since the month of March this year. Penang Times Square Management team had designed out the whole plans and target for gaining customers to their shopping mall! Well, Food Gallery seriously was gained a lot of people to be there and the response sounds good!
The view inside the Penang Times Square. The actual location was at the 1st floor of the shopping mall. The kitchen area for Food Gallery was so big can be said that the biggest food gallery ever in Penang Island!
There was various types of local food, japanese food, hong kong food and many more to choose. It's a good choice for the Penangites or Penang Traveller to enjoy their meal here. Inside the food gallery, any food also have! You can taste the local malay style food, nyonya style food, indian food, oriental style food and even more! The price was low but serves with tasty!
Walking around the food gallery and I found that the price there was moderate but they really served the good meals to customers. When I was there, I saw a lot of people crowded there to wait for their lunch! The kitchen was clean and mostly they are using modern cooking! Environment good with air conditioner!
Singapore Style Fried Bihun.
Local Loh Mee.
Chicken Lunch Set.
Mango Ice Blended.
Local Ice Kacang.
We had ordered a few food from there. I was ordered Singapore Fried Bihun for RM 3.90 each plate, my mum's local loh mee RM 4.00, my dad's chicken set lunch RM 9.00. Mango Ice Blended and Ice Kacang was RM 2.50 each! The price was moderate but they served with quantity and quality! Not bad... The best thing is having lunch there no need to pay tax and you can even enjoy the environment there with the WiFi service provided!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

70th CLHS Graduates Artworks

I am one of the 70th Chung Ling Graduates for this year. But I am not joining the Graduate Magazine Production Team due to my personal reason. Last year they were recruiting people to join in the team, but I think twice and at the end didn't join it. This is because I scared my studies can't cope up in the end.

Anyway, I was at the back supporting them, give them ideas and suggestions, helping them to get more creative ideas. I admit that I am not so good in everything, only boleh tahan in something! The most I like was designing, I like it since last year when I joined Leo Club. Now I am no longer my school Leo member, so I take the chance to make some artworks for 70th Graduates!
I had posted at Facebook to let everyone to comment. I received a lot of positive comments and improved steps by steps! Not bad, at least I am learning! Thanks to those pro graphic designers. So if you are having any comments, you can comment under this blog post as well! Thanks. Posted by GenYong 20.08.2011

Friday, August 19, 2011

NTV7 Yuan Carnival Pre-view

Last weekends, NTV7 media company was came to Penang to have their annual event Yuan Carnival 园游会. Last year they were here before at Shang Wu Primary School 商务小学 but this year they came to Han Chiang High School 韩江中学. The venue for this year is much bigger than last year, this year programmes was more than last year!
I was there because of my friends' invitation. So I am here to show you the pre-view of this post that I will post it up next! I am sure to those who had been there was enjoyed a lot through out the event! This event was good because it might encourage the relationship among the family members!
It's considered a fun and charity event to for chinese education! Not bad... Will post up more in the next post. Stay tuned! Posted by GenYong 19.08.2011

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Bayan Lepas - The New Township

My house is at Bayan Lepas, I am the originated Bayan Lepas boy! Since I was born, I live at Bayan Lepas until now. Living under the roof of old houses! From here, I get to know Malay, Chinese and Indian! It was a friendly town before in previously. But now....
Setia Pearl IslandSetia Pearl Island
Setia Show Village "Reflection Condominium"
Bayan Lepas was famous because of Penang International Airport was here! Many people will confuse about Sungai Nibong also considered as Bayan Lepas! OMG. Bayan Lepas coverage actually was big in previously, but now all split out to small town. Some town like Teluk Kumbar, Sungai Ara, Bayan Baru, Batu Maung, Relau, Sungai Nibong were developed into the advance now!
Setia Pearl IslandSetia Pearl Island
Since Setia Developer came into Sungai Ara, now all the housing projects were launched in this few years. Of course the price were not affordable for my family, it was now going up to RM 1 million! From a village town turn into a big town, I was starting to worry about my old house here!
Taken from Setia Show Village
But I was glad because now the small town turn to be more convenient compare to last time but the traffic jam problems was increased! More and more people moving into this small town. Last time people come to Penang International Airport and don't know much about Teluk Kumbar but now they knew it already!
Taken from Setia Show Village
Lastly, I hope that the new residents here will be as friendly as us! Making this town become more lively and more friendly! Bayan Lepas - always the friendly neighbourhood! Posted by GenYong 13.08.2011

5SB4 Branding Stuffs

Branding is important, now even my class 5SB4 also do branding on Facebook! This was not a big scale of branding, we are just a community of friends and not profitable organization so just a small scale will do. Since I was joined Leo Club, I had learnt the word of "Branding" and how to use it. From Lion Alan Thoo, I get to know the A.I.M.S (Advance Internet Marketing Strategy) concept and using Facebook to do marketing!
It was not bad and it also attracted me to deep into my design artwork. I admit that my design not good as those pro graphic designers, I was just try to improve more from the basic. I had designed a lot of the badges for my club Leo Club of Chung Ling High School in previously. Now as my classmates requested, so I contribute for my class!

What I want to say here is 5SB4 2011 is always being there because we all play together before! I had designed the poster for the class and the logo for the class! The T-shirt design will be coming soon before this year ends. =) Posted by GenYong 13.08.2011

Friday, August 5, 2011

1 Murid 1 Sukan

It was happened about a month ago. What's this programme? Actually this programme was launched by the Ministry of Education with the concept of 1 Malaysia. The purpose of having this programme is to make sure that all the students in Malaysia having the sports and stay healthy always besides study!
So every schools in Malaysia was having this activity on the date of 2nd July 2011. My school was supported on this activity too! It was a Saturday and all the students must came to school to join this programme. My school had taken that day as the replacement for Deepavali festival.
Since it was the last year for us Form 5 to have this event so everyone was making fun out there! That time also the fever of 709 Bersih action, everyone was acting demonstration in the programme due to the colour of our shirts!
It was a "gang bang" out there. Actually in Chung Ling High School, the tradition was whenever you are birthday then the whole class will come over to "gang bang" (remove pants) on you! It was quite fun when sometimes looking at people kena of this action! =)
They're Kok Meng, Zhao Yao, Chee Ho and Chong Yee who were my good schoolmates since I am form 3! I was so glad to meet up them and they are really the jokers! =)
All the B-class bros here. Most of them were so funny, talent, making fun everyday!
1 Murid 1 Sukan1 Murid 1 Sukan1 Murid 1 Sukan1 Murid 1 Sukan
As you can see Kok Meng and Ivan were trying to make something out to cheer up everyone! I can say that they were awesome and always keep on cheering people out there! Sometimes when I was down, they will cheer me up! Thank you bros! =)
1 Murid 1 Sukan1 Murid 1 Sukan
It was a short distance walk in the school compound and go out the school compound surrounding. Not that fun like cross country run, not tough and not wet! It was fun because we were making out the fun, talking jokes, gang bang and many things else.
Johan and me! We were same class together when I was form 2 and this year form 5. He was a funny guy and also a talented harmonica performer! He can perform well in harmonica! =)
1 Murid 1 Sukan1 Murid 1 Sukan
That day was 702. It's a week before the 709 Bersih demonstration. Our school students were so like to talk about politics (of course included me)! That day was the colourful day ever in school. Everyone was wearing their sports T Shirt to walk around the school. To those yellow shirts and red shirts guys were walking together to act as the demonstration! It was so cool.
Yes all the Yellow Men in action! Justin Liew was posing in the camera. All of us were supporting Bersih?! It was just an acting la. Making fun only! =)
Another buddy Bin Hong who was the best robotic member before in my school. He and his team was represented my school to participate in the International Robotics Making Competition. He was a talented guy too!
The crazy gang! Ivan, Kok Meng and Darren... We like to make fun! =)
1 Murid 1 Sukan1 Murid 1 Sukan
Yes the Bersih Team was found in Air Itam around Chung Ling High School. Prank! There were some polices there to make sure everything running smooth and also avoid the happened of the real demonstration due to the Bersih fever! Yellow Men...
Everyone with the "LIKE" sign, showing that we LIKE this event! =)
Yes We LIKE Peace! We want to have a peaceful country! Malaysia is a peace country! =)
Group photo with everyone! Got LIKE got peace! I think it will be good for this programme being held! Thanks to Ministry of Education.
After the 15 minutes walk, everyone was gathered at the field waiting for the instructions. The organizer were prepared some lucky draws for us. But the lucky draws was seems to be too few for the whole school. So my class don't have anyone get it! Finally I can say that it was fun and cool. That's the way we end the day of 702 with teachers and all the friends. Posted by GenYong 05.08.2011