Saturday, March 29, 2008

CLHS Cross Country Run 2008 Part 2

Sorry all of my visitors here. I would like to say as many sorry as I can, because I was seldom update my blog caused by many projects were waiting me to rush it! Alright, I am just back from visit Regency Heights(my aunt's house there). Anyway, let's continue and ended this 'Cross Country Story'.
At the middle, that's in Botanical Garden, everyone was tired and 'we walk ah!' Haha. What a command is this? LOL.
Wait for result
After finish the run, everybody was waiting for the result. Do they get well result? If got congratulate sama dia la!
PIBG President Giving Speech
PIBG President was giving his formal speech. He said really welcome to see all 'kind person' to donate much money. Costly about RM170,000, this amount of money is for all of the students use later.
Get laptop
Then, there was the session of lucky draw! This person which in the class 2TB1 get the laptop lo! Let's congratulate same dia. I took photos for him, is it can be thank for me? LOL.
Group photo
There was the group photo with all the committees of school. Headmaster Mr Chuah, Assist. Headmaster Mr Yeap, Afternoon Session Supervisor Mr Tan and many VIPs was there!
Still exciting!
They were still exciting with the result of lucky draw! Who get the most expensive price? I don't know la! LOL.
Laptop Owner
This la, the laptop owner. I snapped him and put in my blog, is it suitable? Anyway, just hope that he can come to my blog later!
Ice Cream stall
This ice cream stall was get the big business on that day. One ice cream=RM1, roughly 100 peoples bought from him, so 100=RM100 ready la. Only we already 100, but just don't know the total. Wow, this kind also can earn more money lo! LOL.

Yesterday, Heng Ee High School was held their Cross Country Run too. So that this will be end here and I will going to sleep now. Tired after today activities. Good night =) Posted by GenYong 29/03/2008

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

CLHS Cross Country Run 2008 Part 1

Hi guys, sorry for this few days didn't update my blog. I already completed my Science Project! Now let me tell you one of the CLHS activity. CLHS Cross Country Run, actually this activity will be hell annually(every year also got). If you visited Nicholas Chan's blog or chien ming's blog, you will saw that they were update this post, as me is the last I think! Okay, not talk too much! Let me show you the photos:
Get Ready-
As that morning, we gathered at the field of Youth Park. Before the run started, my friend and I was visited many friends and chit chat with them. Talk about what? Almost is school results and games lo! LOL. That's sure I snapped everywhere, even every action! XD.
We are ready!
That's our turns to run! We are ready! Some was looking at their watch. What time is it? But I don't mind, because I was the one which walking through all the journey like Nicholas Chan!
This was Nicholas' turn to run! Actually is they ran first, but I just adjust me first! LOL. Get Ready? Many peoples were excited to run ready! Come on, faster!
Yo! Get ready, start! Everybody ran quickly to the first. Is it possible to run the first? I mention the person who like me! LOL.
Run ah!
Run ah! Gogogo....... Don't shortcut! No won never mine! Don't worry. XD!
There was a person took skateboard come! Is it possible to use skateboard than run? Haha. Skateboard is nice! But not suitable la. Can be play, but be careful. Because there was some small hills in Botanical Garden!
So fast rest-
Let's say about Botanical Garden. What to say? Describe it? I don't know! Just look, many peoples already tired after running 1 km more. Haiz... rest? Come on, continue run! LOL.

As many photos that I have, so I will separate into two post to update! So wait for the part 2 ya! Thanks for your visit! I have to sleep early tonight, because there was two nights I didn't sleep well and sleep late! So good night everyone! Posted by GenYong 26/03/2008

Saturday, March 22, 2008

CO-OP 4th Trainning Camp Part 2

Hi guys, let me continue the delayed post. Recent post, I was launched my new site! Have you visited? If you didn't visit yet, come this link! I hope that you all can be support my new site! Thanks much!

Anyway, continue with recent post. By this post, I just put photos and describe them, okay? LOL. Let's see:
Group Journey

Petanque Competition
These were the activities that held. The first is the group journey, but at the junction opposite ChungLing we already Pusing Balik, because there was a quarreling at KOMTAR. Next, is the Petanque Competition that held on the last day. Seems that all the players were so pay attention at this game! Good!

Then, there was the award time! Who be the best and even bestest(broken English)? Hehe. Let's see who was the best:
Best Leader
This was the best leader among the four team leaders. He is my leader! Good.
The Best Assist Leader
This is our society Discipline Officer. He also awarded be the best assist. leader!
Best OC
This was the best OC! He was so kind, No wonder can be the best OC! LOL.
Best Team
This was the best team among four teams that we have!
Petanque Winners
This was the winners of the Petanque competition! They won OC Team? Don't know!
Best Form 1 member
This is the new Form 1 best member!
Best Form 2 member
How about Form 2? Last year, I awarded the Best Assist. Leader! This year get the best Form 2 member also good ready la! Hehe.
Best Form 3 member
This was the best Form 3 member. He is also a new member! Get awarded! GOod.

This important is everyone to be happy and fun to join this camp! Did you get awarded before? Are you happy? LOL. This might be my random crazy question to you! Happy Birthday to Smashpop (belated) Haha. The End of CLHS CO-Op 4th Training Camp! Thanks for read it! Posted by GenYong 22/03/2008

Friday, March 21, 2008

Hitz Discussion launched!

My new site Hitz Discussion finally launched. This site is all about the music and latest hitz! This site contain Chinese Hitz or English Hitz and whatever you hope that! So hope that you all can go and support me! You all can be discuss all the music there. It's all about the music! Come on, let's go!
I promise surely I will organize and maintain this blog well! The CO-OP Training Camp Part 2 delayed until next post! Sorry for that. Thanks for your excuse! Support me and Hitz Discussion! Posted by GenYong 21/03/2008

Thursday, March 20, 2008

CO-OP 4th Trainning Camp Part 1

Hi guys, today Malaysia is holiday! A cool public holiday, but I just stay at home continue my projects. Now quite boring so blog lo! Remember that last week I attended the CO-OP Training Camp. That was a cool but quite boring camp, XD! =) Actually this camp let me have fun and learn somethings.
Camp Gambling
When I arrived the camp, that time is about nearly 9pm. They started gambling, some play basketball in class. Do you believe even got peoples played football in class? They might be crazy, I didn't shoot because scare of my camera 'injured' LOL.

Basketball Match
This was the 'NBA' match of the whole Penang State. They were pro players. I watched two matches! That's cool! Got 'lenglui' there oh! LOL.

Buying Club-T
Next morning, we decided to go Komtar for our journey. But you still remember my recent post? There was a quarrel on that day. So the supervisors of CLHS called us to stop the trip! This photo was show that the members were buying the Club T.

NBA Players
Wow, pro players. Can't went to Komtar, play basketball in school la! This was fun, but tired! Midnight play games and play basketball, do you believe? They might be crazy! LOL.

Gamb Again
Haiz... Gamb again! They really crazy. Although lose or win, still keep playing! What games they play? Big Two? Casino? Don't know! LOL.

Part 2 will be in next post! Posted by GenYong 20/03/2008

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

New Government of Malaysia

Hi guys, this few weeks still worry about the election? Many peoples because this upset, also got peoples happy! Got peoples anxious, got peoples support! Anything, today newspaper announced the totally of New Government of Malaysia March 2008.
New Government
Dato Seri Abdullah Badawi announced the new government of Malaysia.

No chance!
Dato Seri Abdullah's son-in-law was no chance to continue his job! He caused BN lose much seats. This was just heard from other peoples!

Gerakan no peoples?!
Gerakan no peoples?! Just only two new peoples to form into new government. This time Dr Kor Tsu Koon very dissapointed at the election result! Gerakan lose Penang, other places not actually won also! Sad.
New Government List
Finally, the list from Star Paper. Majority is form by three religions, this shall be good ready la! Don't quarrel anymore!
We want a Safe, Peace and Flourishing Malaysia!
Thanks! Posted by GenYong 19/03/2008

Cross Country Run Number 3780?!

Hi guys, now I am doing my assignments. Until now, I haven't complete them. I think tomorrow continue la. Today I received the same thing like Nicholas, he's 2662; me 3780! Hehe. Just now afternoon, monitor was giving these numbers to all of us!
Cross Country Run number
Just like Nicholas said, this is a compulsory run for all the Chung Ling students. If you run, you can get the free marks 20 for PJ, I think so(not sure). LOL! This Friday in Penang Youth Park, you will see all of us will be run around 8-10 km through Youth Park and Botanical Garden. Just like Nicholas said, We run we talk! Run, talk, talk, run la! Hehe.

I hope can be meet Nicholas them. He said he will be bring his camera around. I think me too! Nicholas, wait for me ya! Hehe. Actually 3780 is it a nice number? Anyway, you can try tomorrow for 4D or toto to buy it la! XD. Hope that it is true! 3780 I like it!
Posted by GenYong 18/03/2008

Monday, March 17, 2008

Finally finished my History Project!

Hi guys, if you follow me on my twitter, you will know I'll be online on Wednesday night. As now why I will online? Is because my Science Project. Now rushing time to finish two projects. In holidays, finally I completed my History Project. Let me show you my History project:
History Project
I finally done this! Really rushing! LOL.

Science Project
Now, I am rushing for this project again! Peka Science! Important for me in PMR. Have to rush complete it, must be hand up on 28 March 2008! XD =)

This is my only reference to complete my science project. There got some notes I needed! The first day in school knowing some test marks, bad me. Not a very nice marks that I targeted! Haiz... need to study hard lo! Just stop at here. Posted by GenYong 17/03/2008

Saturday, March 15, 2008

After election, still keep quarrel!

Have what to discuss about? Tonight, let me to go through with you all about the quarrel after election. Think 30 years ago, that's 1969. Everyone still remember 513? This might be so sensitive to government of Malaysia. I scared to discuss about this topic too! Following pictures were grab from KwongWah YitPoh.

■ 截至今日下午2时许,逾千名巫青团团员聚集在光大市中心拉横幅展开和平纠察,要求槟州新政府实行采纳新经济政策,以捍卫马来人权益。现场有者更高喊:“Hidup Melayu!(马来人万岁)”。

■ 警员驻守光大维持秩序,市民在现场围观。

■ 大批联邦镇暴部队接获通知后,纷纷赶抵现场维持秩序。

■ 新光大的部份商家也暂停营业。

■ 示威行动导致交通陷入瘫痪。

■ 慕沙:公开招标及谈论公平就是破坏马来族群的举动。

■ 丹绒区部主席拿督阿末:行动党在竞选期间没说要取消新经济政策,马来人被骗走选票。

■ 前往槟城大桥路段的塞车情况并非示威所造成。

Alright, seems that so many peoples group in KOMTAR area. What were they do for? This was cause of the election, DAP this time won the Penang almost seats. UMNO not shiok at them, then will cause this happened. But this was just a quarreling or gathering that can I say. No peoples dead, no injured! Because the polices were standby at there, FRU was coming out also! Cool.

Luckily, yesterday afternoon my club Koperasi didn't continue the trip to KOMTAR. We received this news about on 1.00pm. So we cancelled the trip, this will be post on next post. Anyway, as now our Prime Minister Dato Abdullah Badawi promised Malaysia will be peace! Not quarrel! Penang new prime minister Dato Lim Guan Eng also said that they will treat us well, everyone of us! We are Anak Malaysia! Right?

As now I received from the latest news said that keep stay at home better, nothing just don't want go out! This is just prevent the next quarrel happen! Malaysia is a peace country compare than other countries. So we must be proud at it la! LOL.
This post was posted y GenYong 15/03/2008

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Vote for me in Blogger's Choice Awards!

Good morning guys, I was register in Blogger's Choice Award. My blog in the category of Best Blog of All Time. Find my site and vote for me! I am looking forward your voting. Thanks much that can I say first! Alright, as this I created a image to represent it too. Let see:I use Photoshop to create this picture. As me a beginner, just simply crop and paste it. So what comment can you leave? Anyway, you can just leave it on my chatbox or my comments box! Remember search me on Blogger's Choice Awards and vote for me! Yo! Posted by GenYong 13/03/2008

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Election Day, what are you doing?

Hi guys, this might be the delay post of my site, this suppose have to post at last few days ago. Alright, just ignore the date okay? Anyway, this election 5 states is under opposition, such as Perlis, Kedah, Penang, Perak and Selangor. As me in Penang, all the parlimentary peoples all changed! Dr Kor Tsu Koon didn't be Penang prime minister again, is Dato Lim Guan Eng turns. Rocket is not opposition now! Haha. This was joking by other peoples.

What are you doing on election day? As me, I can't vote, but I followed my mum went to town. Just passing by look at peoples vote! LOL. But I saw somethings interesting, discuss with you all! Let see:
BN car
The car was hanging a lot of BN flags. BN supporters? Might be! Nice look if put flags on your car? LOL.
BN bus?
At the roadside, I saw some cars hanging BN flags. Cool at them! Just look at the bus, hanging BN flags.


PAS banner
Welcome to the station of PAS! The PAS members provide them foods, drinks and many things. Just important you must vote them! Haha. If not spend so much for what? XD!

Alright, now I am still busy on my projects. So this few post might be not look so nice! Sorry for that. Tomorrow night until Saturday I will stay in school for 4 th CO-OP Camp. Will be fun? Hope la! Posted by GenYong 12/03/2008