Thursday, February 26, 2009

Setia Pearl Island is getting complete soon!

Hey guys and buyers of Setia Pearl Island, a good news for you and congratulations to you. You have the chance to enjoy in your own house soon! Setia Pearl Island 1st phase is going to complete and OC is release soon. XD!

Will my sound seems like the Setia officer? Haha. Just make an introduction of my this post. To most of the penangites, I'm sure you know that since year 2007 Setia Holdings Berhad was announced their first project in Penang, Setia Pearl Island which located near Sungai Ara. In the passed they organized lots of the events for houses promotion and they setup the show village and open daily to public.

For last two weeks when I was doing the mountain jogging to there, I found that the construction for phase 1 is going to complete and now they setup for the traffic light to drive into the new site! Let's see the photos and you will know what I mean =)
Live Learn Work Play

The big words!

Setia Pearl Island


Something special

Water decorations

Persiaran Kelicap

Tennis Court

Terrace houses
Lastly I hope the buyers can get the new house key and moved in quickly if possible. For the facilities and security of Setia company was always the best in Malaysia. So I hope that one day my dad can owned that house. XD! Just a dream!

Anyway, hope you like this place and visit this place when you free and you can call me as an agent! I will bring you there and walk. Posted by GenYong 26.02.2009

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Footprint on the beach

In passed CNY, my aunt was invited us to have dinner at Teluk Kumbar 公巴好友海鲜 At there you can enjoy the seaside view playing the sand on beach and walk to the sea. That's really nice and interesting. I took some shot at there and enjoy the scenery view to sea. My sister also did shout out all the wishlist to sea and hope it will be true in one day!

I did something special and enjoy while standing on the beach. The wave keep coming up to my leg and make my leg have the sand and that's really a good feel. I did some of my handprint and footprint there but meanwhile I think there was disappear. It's full of natural attractive and enjoy yourself there!
The nice sea view at Teluk Kumbar. Do you have the chance to step on the beach in Gurney? I think almost no! Come to Teluk Kumbar you can enjoy all the features here, stepping on the beach sand, walk along the beach and walk to the sea!
I put down my camera and this shot. I like the effect that shows the boat was at the high! You can imagine that the sand at the beach was so smooth and really nice!
Seaside pose
I took a pose there too. I been there on last few year before this kopitiam being popular. My cousin was taking some photos there a lont time ago(2 years). That time I not yet own a camera so now is the first shot for me at there!
Walking along the beach
I did some beach shot for my sister. She was walking along the beach and bring out the good place for dating enjoy-ing and shouting out all that you want! Is much of freedom, you will enjoy there =)
My leg
I took the photo of my leg standing on the beach. Do you like my slipper? LOL. The feel when you step on the beach is so cool and might not balance but bring out the special feel!
That's my footprint. Due to the softness of the sand, whenever any footprint, handprint or anything will stay there for awhile. After that the waves was coming to 'destroy' it. It's a nice and cool natural effect!
Foot in sea water
I did walk near to the sea. I experienced my leg was in the sand and the sea water. It's a good feel and I realized that this was full of freedom.
Little things
Besides that, we found one little things on the beach while the waves was coming up. I believe this fish had not enough oxygen and lack of water, caused it died. Really kesian! We tried to bring it down to the sea but waves keep bring it up again!
Random shot
There were some random shots to show the nice effect on beach. There was one lady standing there and enjoy. For the city living person, you should come and try this out, it's really a nice feel for you.
I did my handprint on the beach too.

I like this place because it can let us do something that special and have the freedom feel. Stepping on the beach and watch on the sea view is an enjoyable habit. I hope that this place wouldn't be polluted and the developers don't spoil the natural effect on the beach. Tourists should visit this place! For sure hope state government can conserve it! Posted by GenYong 22.02.2009

Saturday, February 21, 2009

CNY Open House Part 3

Continue to the part 3 of this post. I am try to finish the post by today. Are you looking forward for my features updates besides that CNY events? Okay now quickly show out all the photos that uploaded. Sharing =)
Penang Heritage Site Open House
The night scenery inside Khoo Kongsi. Seriously tell you I didn't been inside Khoo Kongsi at night. This was my first experience which have the chance to visit in! It's a nice and cool building, it's full of historical values.
Penang Heritage Site Open House
There were some performances that presented by the Khoo Kongsi Teenage Society. There was a good guide for the new generation to know more about their traditional style and some heritage. For me as well, I am start to touch on heritage.
Penang Heritage Site Open House
The same thing here, crowded but it's just different angle. XD!
Penang Heritage Site Open House
This decoration let me think about Pai Ti Kong. There were alot of stuffs on top the table and many special kind of decorations made by the local people. I think they spent this about quite a big figure of money to complete it!
Penang Heritage Site Open House
Is Hen's year? or OX Year? Why put Hens sign? I don't know!
Penang Heritage Site Open House
Who were married during CNY? It's a sweet memories by the way I think most of the Chinese won't celebrate this during CNY because they were busy on CNY. Preparing the new year come and so on.
Penang Heritage Site Open House
The wedding stuffs. Traditional!
Penang Heritage Site Open House
Then I walked into the Cheah Kongsi. Inside there many people enjoy on the ground and photographers were busy shooting at the performance of some teenagers. It's a cool place for relax at night. Inside have pond water, benches and grass ground! Can be BBQ there will more better. LOL!
Penang Heritage Site Open House
Inside the Youth Centre which under the Hakka City section. It's all about eat stuffs!
Penang Heritage Site Open House
There was the performances from students. What were they playing? They played the Chinese Yoyo which called as 扯铃 in chinese. This was full of cultures and traditional of Chinese. Along ago in China, besides playing Gasing they also have this type of game.
Penang Heritage Site Open House
Do you know your future life? There was a counter giving a talk and selling some stuffs to the visitors. My dad was interesting in searching the passed history in China and found out where our grand grand parents come from. It's all about Feng Shui!
Penang Heritage Site Open House
Selling some key chains at the roadside. This idea was not bad but if meet the snatch thief there won't be good anymore. But on that day there was almost succeed and no problems occured. My dad was looking for one his most like!
Penang Heritage Site Open House
There was also a singing group which under Past Chief Minister Dr Koh Tsu Koon's group. But look at their performance was quite un-interesting for me but for my mum, she like it much! The songs is between 70th - 80th years. No hip hop for that time!

Finally I managed to complete all the post of Heritage Site of CNY Open House 2009 blog post. Showing out all the photos and tonight I might be start a new post then. Are you happy with my blog post? Sorry if I am not update frequenly. Thank you!

Are you busy on coming exam? =) Posted by GenYong 21.02.2009

Friday, February 20, 2009

Penang CNY Open House Part 2

Yo~! guys, it is coming another weekends now. So what are you planning to do then? Enjoy your weekends holiday. For me tomorrow actually can be considered as a quite free day because today I managed complete all the work in school. So I hope can enjoy myself in the morning session while weekly activity running on! Leo Club General Meeting.

As usual continue with the recent post, showing you some belated CNY open house photos and refresh your mind. Enjoy you coming to end New year mood and exam mood is coming. Add oil to everyone!

Penang Heritage Site Open House
Hakka City? Hakka is belongs to my dialect. I am a hakka! Do you know how to speak? =)
Penang Heritage Site Open House
I found this was interesting that many graduated teenagers were trying to pour the chinese tea for public to taste about. I like the effort of boiling and patient of waiting then pouring and serving to public.
Penang Heritage Site Open House
Can you imagine the crowded on that night?
Penang Heritage Site Open House
Where I come is the Ho Teik Chi. Haha! I snapped this without flash and visit inside found many features.
Penang Heritage Site Open House
Wow, many uncles were shouting there on Tua Pek Kong. They said pray Tua Pek Kong can kena 4D and everything is good in future later. I believe that and my dad drop some $$ and get the small piece of angpow. There was many people praying there!
Penang Heritage Site Open House
Lion Dance performances bring out besides Cheah Kongsi which the street name is Cannon Street. Quite a nice performance and I believe they practised alot before the show time! Good job =)
Penang Heritage Site Open House
Were you hungry on that time? The Khoo Kongsi sponsored out some dishes via buffet for that night visitors. Serving lots also not enough, this was one penangites bad habit, they rushed for lots and the first! Don't learn from it. =) Posted by GenYong 20.02.2009

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Belated Penang CNY Open House

Hey guys, a very sorry to my visitors and readers. I could not managed to find a free time to blog out. Due to the term test coming and nowadays I am busy on designing notice board and many stuffs are go on for me. I would like to request sorry for that and I will update for this post is CNY Open House in Penang. I understand that the CNY is passed a long time ago(one week ago).

Anyway, I hope you still have the New Year mood to read out this. Thank you for supporting! Showing you some photos that I shot for that day.
Penang Heritage Site Open House

Penang Heritage Site Open House
Hello welcome to the blog post of writing Penang CNY Open House in Georgetown Heritage Site on 1st of February. There will have some features for you! Check out for below.
Penang Heritage Site Open House
Show you the 'portrait' of my sister and I. This photo was taken by my dad and I think it was a quite nice shot. Is it nice?
Penang Heritage Site Open House
Before went back home, I tried to shoot for this performance without flashlight. I was success because there have a lot of spotlights lighten up and make the effect so nice!
Penang Heritage Site Open House
I met our dearest chief minister YAB Lim Guan Eng and his wife YB Betty Chew. They were walking to Cheah Kongsi at that time while we were planning to walk out from there. My dad called him as 'Mr Lim' and suddenly forgot about he's already YAB. XD! Nice taking for this shot!
Penang Heritage Site Open House
Wow, there was crowded people in and out of Khoo Kongsi on that night. Do you been there? Khoo Kongsi is one of the heritage site and that night they opened for public to visit and watching for the culture performances. There was crowded of people inside and while we were going out faced a lot of 'traffic jams'.
Penang Heritage Site Open House
Besides our chief minister, for this event organizing chairperson YAB Wong Hon Wei was patrolling around the events helding area with his lovely wife. I accidentaly took this shot and I didn't wonder that he was YAB that I shoot besides Lim Guan Eng. LOL!
Penang Heritage Site Open House
There was a classic local performances did by the HaiNan performers. He/She spoke along HaiNan dialect and guided people to learn. Besides that, they also told public about the history of HaiNan and little bit knowledge of China. Cool! XD.
Penang Heritage Site Open House
Lastly I take this photo when I reached Armenian Street. I found that those designs were creative and new idea. They shown out all the history informations and knowledge of CNY and China. Do you know where you come from? Haha. This is one of the questions!

Alright, I hope I will continue this post as fast as possible and hope to see your supports anyway! Thank you very much. Posted by GenYong 17.02.2009