Friday, February 29, 2008

A special day of 29th Feb!

Hi, suprise? Why I will back on today? Actually my exam is coming nearly just left 2 days to go. So this post I was quickly to post then go and do my revision ready! CNY over, exam is coming. I am so scare at it, will you? I was just say sorry to everyone who always visit my blog. I was didn't update my blog because I was so busy to get my study. Today as a special I was decided to post it, if not next time have to wait until 4 years later, that's 2012. Yo!
29th of Feb
As now, I was so busy to study for exam. And now I will be off to concentrate in study. I will be back on March 05th night. Wait for me yo! I hope that my exam will be fun and also not too difficult. Hope that get the result flying colour! Alright, just say good night to you all and see you all on March. Posted by GenYong 29/02/2008

Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Making of Bubur Cha-Cha

Hi guys, what the style of Sunday you have? I was having a quite meaningless Sunday. Is it exam is nearly soon? Busy to study? Alright, this was the reason. Just now morning I followed my parents went to 'see house' at Pearl Garden, Sungai Ara. This properties quite long years ago, about 9 years like that. Anyway, my father was pay the down payment for the seller. And we bought this house for my new house. I didn't shot photos at all because this was still peoples house! I will be discuss this topic after my school exam. Let see how to do the Bubur Cha-cha:
Bubur ChaCha
As this was the bowl of Bubur Cha-cha. How to make it? Do you know? Let's me show you!

First, must be prepare for the ingredients. Such as types of potatoes must be get ready! Is not just for decorations. The Santan is the most important 'character' of Bubur Cha-cha. Must be prepare for it first!

Next, pour of thee flour out and mix it with water. Then use anything such as chopstick to mix them together. Any colour as you like just put in for decorations, such as red colour.

As we on that day, we prayed of fruits. Just a simply ending of CNY. Chap Goh Meh! That was the school day!
Arts (batik)
This was the arts design that I did. The batik of Seni Visual. Is it creative of these colours and looked nice? Hehe. Quite nice and I was happy to see that. Now was quite late, and I will go and sleep for tomorrow school day. Haiz, exam come ready! So have to stop blog starting from now. So I will be back on 6th of March. Just let you all to looking forward for my next post la. Bye everyone. Good night. See you on March! Yo. Posted by GenYong 24/02/2008

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Bloggers Introduction! (2nd Badge)

Hi guys, recent posts I said that I will introduce some bloggers right? Sorry for my slow update, because I was busy to suffer for the coming soon exam! Many assignments and short of time! Alright, this was my problem is ok! I can solve it. This was continue by last time. But now I want to introduce some bloggers. Do you feel that excited to know who are them? Let see:This was my friend YL Bear blog. He was calling me many times to introduce him, but I was busy! Now I already intro him. He want more visitors, can you go and support him? He was kindly to invite you go visit his site!
This was the senior of my school. He was working in Intel now. If he got dropping on your site, surely his nickname is Dragon He was pro in IT skills. So if your PC have any problems can fid him to service! LOL.

Let us discuss about female bloggers. This was the Maine's blog. She is from Convent if not mistaken. She wrote the interesting posts of her life log. And also she was a donut lover! LOL. First visit to her blog is know from Alvin I can consider she is my elder sister ready lo! XD.

Next, is Rachel. I was visiting her blog last night. She wrote the interesting post also. Just like Maine, I think she also from Convent also. Alright, she also elder than me. So can be my senior ready la! Hehe. If you all have time go these few blogs and visit visit la. Don't forgot to promote me too oh! Thanks.

Do you interested to be my blog idol? I mean through the introduction I can promote you. If you want just inform me by email or chat in MSN and also leave comment in this post! Hope to see you next! GenYong's Choice Bloggers Competition 2008 is started. Come on join now! Posted by GenYong 23/02/2008

Friday, February 22, 2008

Penang Chinese New Year Celebration 2008 Part3

Hi bloggers and all my visitors. I am just back from tuition and tomorrow I will going to school for Koperasi activity. As now feel sleepy ready, but have to continue blog! Alright, just said that if I was nothing to post I will continue the events right? Ahaa. This is the part 3, also the last part! Let's see:
Small kids
Look at this small kids. What was he doing? He was hitting the drum! Yo, I hope that next year can be saw you join the team and hit the drum well. LOL. XD!

Drums team

Dragon performances
Wow, this was the lions performances! Not lions, is dragon. Hehe. This performances was presented by HanChiang High School Their performances quite good and extract many peoples to see!

Lions head
This was what I said just now! Lions head? Haha. This was use for performances too! I shot this nicely and look fresh right? LOL

Hock Tek Si

Chong Yang stage
Those were the assist. of stages. There was so many peoples crowded at there! For what? Surely is to catch out every performances!

Gold stuffs
Wow, the gold stuffs! I want it. But that was not the real! Hehe. Looked so nice and take photos! They were smile so sweetly! Yo, I want the real! Golden.

Big flag
This is the special events that just Penang Island have! The big flag events. They were so pro in this activities which practice many times! That's fantastic.


Kor Tsu Koon
Saw the VIPs on top the main stage? They are who, seriously I don't know! But I just know who are famous in Penang, who serve Penang well! Do you saw Dato' Kor Tsu Koon? He was giving speech. Other poeples said that he was promoting the Undi of this coming 8th March. They said he called us to support him. Alright, we just looking forward for it! Which do you decide to vote for? Barisan Nasional or Rocket? Hehe. Now have to sleep, I will continue tomorrow for the bloggers introduction post! Wait for it! Posted by GenYong 22/02/2008

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Penang Chinese New Year Celebration 2008 Part2

Hi guys, tonight I was just finishing my assignments. Luckily now still early, so I can blog. Continue the last post. This might be the Part 2! Yo this post pictures will very nice oh! Alright, I just quickly post it.
Chinese Yoyo
Do you play this before? From Kokahkok, this is the chinese yo-yo. This boy was so young, maybe was younger than me, he was from Phor Tay Private. He said he was practice hardly for this performances, but that also for his skill to play this chinese arts things. Cool!

Mouse love rice
Do you heard the songs of 'Mouse love rice' before? Haha. This not a song, is a contest! Actually this was participate by the kids. How to play I don't know, but I believe was so fun and can win a lot of prizes! XD.


Cute things

Those were the nice photos that I said just now. Actually every photos were nice. But I feel that those are better look and creative. This was my standard shot! LOL. The first sure are mooncake la, nothing special. Second, the small stuffs from China, can you find where is the logo of Beijing 2008? Third, the cute mouses made with the colour of gold! Gold Rat Year 2008! Cool and nice stuffs. XD.

Group photo

Me and mum

Me & Mum
Those photos contain my face! Hehe. The first photo was take by my mother. Not bad at her skill! The peoples of performed and shoot the group photo with me were so fantastic. I think they were from China. Then, you will saw me as a guard ‘状元’(in chinese) Is it called guard? Don't know! Hehe. Those photos were take by my mum's friends who was the camera man before. As now he still helping peoples to take the wedding photos. Yo, if you want to be marry and decide to take nice photos, call him! LOL.

3rd Stage
This was the one of the stages near the Prangin Mall there. The gold mouses were take at there lo. I just remember that there was a 财神爷 was giving some angpows. But I did not have one also! Just ignore it lo! LOL.

Alright, this was the post of the Penang Chinese New Year Celebration 2008. If next post was nothing to post, I will going to continue with many photos still in my Flickr , so if you are free just go and see. Anyway, now I have to sleep, thinking what to do next! Yo, good night. Happy Chap Goh Mei! Posted by GenYong 20/02/2008

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Penang Chinese New Year Celebration 2008 Part1

Hi guys, this few days I feel so tired for my trip go where else and shoot here shoot there. But I was meet some of the bloggers. Such as Kokahkok, Nicholas, Alvin and also MinXiang They were in there on that day. Why we will meet together? Is because before attend the events, we have planning where to meet. Yo! first time meet Kokahkok, he was our senior leh. MinXiang is my senior too. He was joining Nicholas and Alvin to shoot for photos. Or else me, just followed with my mum and shoot photos. Anyway, just show you all photos.
Tai Chi Perfomances


Spring Festival Rolls
I use three photos to present once. Okay? Alright, the first photo is take while I was at the main stage. They were performed the Tai Chi performances. Next, was the caligraphy stall. There let peoples to learn how to write the caligraphy well. I have been try it before. Will be show you next post. The third photo is the words which must have in house. LOL. Is it nice and creative?

Work of art


Mill Rice
First, is the design of some basket made in china. I think so. Next, is the creative of arts. Do you know how to do it? Really difficult. Saw GenYong in photo? I was doing what? That's mill rice and this photo was take by the supervisor of this stall. Yo!

Making lanterns


Lanterns 2
This was the photos which nice and want to share with you all. The first teach you how to make a lantern. That's cool and creative. Next, was the lanterns that hang up. Lastly, the mooncake festival lanterns. There got some questions to ask about you. Difficult.

Anyway, now I am going to prepare for school. So see you all this few days as soon as possible. This post will be continue to part 2. Wait it patiently. Posted by GenYong 19/02/2008

Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Jade Emperor's Birthday 天公诞

Hi guys, do you went to the Penang Chinese New Year Open House yesterday? That was really cool. I went for it and just walk for looking some interesting things to shoot. Alright, this post suppose to be update on Friday. But I was too busy yesterday and can't be update it. Anyway, this post is considered a nice post, many pictures post or else you will not feel boring. Maybe this post will be same as KOKahkok ,but the angle of taking photos might be different. LOL.
Things that prayed

Father pray
There was my home prayed the Jade Emperor. As well we are not 'Hokkien Lang', but we just pray it for 'fun' lol. Just hope that Jade Emperor can be care of us.


After we finish praying in house, my father was bring us to Chew Jetty to shoot somethings. That's really thanks for my father he brought me to shoot at how peoples celebrate CNY this year.

Pray place

There was the main pray place of Chew Jetty. And the second pictures is under 'Halal'. LOL. This might be our traditional things for praying. So just ignore it la!

Chew Jetty

The temple
Then, we went in the Chew Jetty. That's the banner of the jetty. Is it look nice and creative? I just know it first time. There was the temple in the jetty. It seems that there are the main temple and only one temple of the jetty, I think so. That's decorated by many lanterns and it looked nice and fresh.


Lions Performances
Those are the performances that I saw that night, lions and western people. It seems very cool. Nice performances!

Long table

Big Pineapple
Twin Towers
On the long table that I saw somethings funny. A big pineapple and 'twin towers'. That's not real, but seems real! Hehe. Alright, my photo taken how? Nice and fresh? I am slightly to improve for it! Now have to go for CNY dinner at my primary school. Ok bye. Next, Chinese New Year Open House is coming Posted by GenYong 17/02/2008