Saturday, December 20, 2008

Midwinter Festival Preparation

It's finally finished the process of making the 'Tang Yuan'. In chinese history, there was a festival which named as Midwinter Festival which is 'Dong Zi' in chinese. Actually just now I went for tuition and while I came back, my mum and grandmum were starting to make the glutinous rice smoothly and we were helping them to make the rice become round!

Alright I think this will be the short post because of now already late and I will do short update with some photos shoot just now!Anyway, my grandmum decided to do four colours because of the traditional thinking. LOL. But I just can imagine that's just like rainbow colour! Got green, white, red and yellow. So when it is cooked there will have a nice colourful sweatmeats! XD.

I am now waiting for tomorrow morning. Besides can eat this 'tang yuan' that made by myself and also can makan besar with my whole family! Before we eat that must pray first la actually! XD. Anyway, I think now I will going to rest and tomorrow wake up early to say good morning to everyone and Happy Dong Zi greeting from GenYong here. Posted by GenYong 20.12.2008

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