Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Schooling Memories

I missed schooling... Previously I had graduated and ended my secondary schooling life! As now I am taking the SPM examination. 5 more days to go for the subjects and that means still 5 more days to stay together with friends and school mates. After this 5 days, we are going to separate! It's hard to reconnect with each other after that.
Usually in the row of B classes, everyday sure got people coming out and do something funny at the corridor. This was the unique style of Chung Ling! As a high school student, when you felt bored after the lesson in class, felt stress usually will come out from the class and take a look for the scenery, playing jokes with others. The action above is one of that, they were forcing someone to say out something!
There you can see when there were changing period, the whole class will turn to be empty and the corridor will full of those funny guys out there. As well as I am the one standing at the corridor too. Looking for the beautiful scenery, watching at different class, sharing something with other schoolmates. But now this already becomes the memories.
I missed the messy class too! Boys' class is always like that. Somehow when I took back something, they will feel interested on it and asked for permission to look on it. After I said there were recycled items, they will straightly spoil it! It's damn funny.
I missed the scenery in front my class. We used to watch football everyday when there were football training or PJ period. We watched other class having their PJ lessons, watched juniors playing football and sometimes could see band playing their music in the field and also some uniform units will marching on that field too.
That time, SPM examination is just around the corner. So everyone was busy preparing for the exam. Some of them rather than staying home prepare but we chose go to school and discuss with friends about some exam questions. Sharing and discussing with teachers too!
Lastly, I take a chance to take photo with my cooperative club ex-chairman Kah Lok. He was a funny guy too. He's from 5SA5 and he's awesome! He could manage his studies and scored his Moral subject for 100 marks in last year final exam. Good to know him since I was Form 1! I used to call him Kah Lok Zai always because he looks cute! But now everything had comes to the end soon. So I will appreciate this 5 days left, and of course fight until the end in SPM!! =) Posted by GenYong 22.11.2011

Hitz! Discussion Reborn!

In the year 2008, I had created a blog called Hitz! Discussion. That time my objective creating this blog was come from my good blogger friend Nicholas Chan. He was discussing some hitz on his blog but now I think he already deactivated it. I deactivate this blog before and deactivated for 3 years! Until recently I found this blog back and would like to start it again. I changed the template, designed a new logo for it... it seems like reborn!
So feel free to visit it on Hitz! Discussion. After my SPM, I will update more about the hottest music, or latest music to share out with everyone! With a new theme there, "Hitz! Discussion, more latest hitz! discussing here!" So I am seeking for my blog readers to share your opinion there too! Take a look on it.... Posted by GenYong 22.11.2011

Friday, November 18, 2011

SPM mode moving forward!

Hi guys, sorry for never updates for a few days. Seriously I am having the SPM examination for 4 weeks in the month of November and early December. So my blog will have less updates then previous months. Less outing, less photos taken so less sharing too! xD. I will start posting about the Chung Ling Tri School Combined Graduation after my SPM examination. So stay tuned for it!
I had done the first week exam. Which done Bahasa Malaysia (Malay), English Language, Sejarah (History) and Mathematics. Finally I had done 4 subjects! 6 more subjects to go until 7th December 2011!
There are the Bahasa Malaysia, English, Sejarah and Mathematics papers!
The SPM stuffs is important for every exam day. You have to take the exam slip whenever you go into the class and taking the exam. Besides that, your IC must always with you, you will asked to put your IC on top left corner of your table! =)
According to the SPM timetable. Chinese will be the last subject for me! I am hope to finish it fast and also do well in exam too! Hopefully my efforts will bring me a big surprise after it! So far the exam questions were some easy but also some tricky! So have to encourage myself staying at home, facing at books... study more! After 7th December, I will be very very free! That time I can blog more, do more things, develop more stuffs! Posted by GenYong 18.11.2011

Thursday, November 17, 2011

My Nuffnang Story

Ads by Nuffnang
I still remember when I first join into blogging this activity, I was wonder that how to make money online? Luckily, I had found some Web Advertising Company, I can't believe that they were on the net giving out the ads earning to bloggers. One of them is the Malaysia famous ads company - Nuffnang.

I joined Nuffnang since year 2007 but in that time I was not really active on it and was just like to have an ads in my blog that's enough. But now I am back to Nuffnang again and found that it is so interesting! Nuffnang not only serve ads, but it doing competitions, campaigns, movie screening, events inviting for all bloggers as well. That's why it attracted me back to this platform again!

As well as now they are having the asia pacific blogger awards to reward those Nuffnang bloggers for their effort to serve Nuffnang ads in their blog. I was glad that I already become the glitterati member recently. I decided to give up any ads network and show my support on Nuffnang, one word because Nuffnang is better than them a lot!
Come 16 December 2011, 500 bloggers from around the Asia-Pacific region will flock to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for the Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2011 in Putrajaya Marriott. The Awards aims to not only honour the region's best bloggers, but also to bring together blogger communities from across Asia-Pacific. The Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards is brought to you by Volkswagen Malaysia and Putrajaya Marriott. You shouldn't miss this!
No doubts, Nuffnang is the best in South East Asia! I am always supporting Nuffnang! I still remember in 3 years ago I am featuring Nuffnang sponsored event! Take a look here... Nuffnang serve the best ads to your website... So of course Nuffnang la! =) Posted by GenYong 17.11.2011 Photos credited from Nuffnang website...

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Seaview from Tanjung Bungah Beach

Two weeks ago, I had attended my society farewell lunch at Tanjung Bungah Flamingo Hotel. I took the opportunities to take the photo on the sea view on that place. I like the beach and sea view there very much as compare to my house here. I seldom could be there so I took the chance to capture some nice photos and share with you guys.
There, you can see the white sands there and there was not even a fisherman boat there. The sea was used as swimming, skateboarding, water sports and many. It was such a good leisure place that could be found in Penang Island!
Besides that, you can stand on the Tanjung Bungah beach facing to to the Batu Ferringhi residences buildings. The condominium there was up to at least RM 800K or even higher. It was a luxury place that most of the rich guys will be staying there.
This is the Infinity condominium that built up by the local properties company, Hunza Group. It was launched around 3 years ago and attracted a lot of house buyer to own it! The nice sea view and most of the housing units are facing the sea! I am not sure with the price and I think it will be keep on increasing as the marketing price!
Facing to the sea, there was two hotels there facing to the sea. One is Paradise Sandy Beach Hotel and another one is Flamingo Beach Hotel. Both hotels can be said as combined and shared for the sandy beach there. As I could see that most of the people will come to here and have the seaside activities such as sandcastle building and so on.
Inside the Flamingo Hotel, there contains of the nice swimming pool and also the building was seems to be so unique there! As for all the rooms there were facing to the sea. You can easily enjoy the sea view whenever you staying there for one day or even more! The windy atmosphere inside the hotel also another attractions for the people. Posted by GenYong 10.11.2011

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Action Group Farewell Lunch 2011

Last Sunday it was 30th October, I was invited by my service group in school there was Board of Action Group to have a farewell lunch together with my teacher advisors Mr Ch'ng and Mr Tan at Flamingo Hotel by the beach! There was so awesome and I was did myself the first time enjoy the valuable buffet lunch at Flamingo Hotel.
The food served there was not bad... Can be accepted!
The idea of having the farewell lunch at Flamingo Hotel was suggested by my teacher advisor Mr Ch'ng since he saw a deal from The Star paper. It was a deal of RM 25++ per person for buffet lunch at Flamingo Hotel on every Sunday! It was so awesome and worth it. That's why we went there to have our farewell lunch this year!
After taken a few rounds, we had full. So we did the payment and took some group photos there. The dining venue there was quite comfortable, there was a band play some songs to let all the audiences to enjoy their food and also listen to the comfort songs. Good!
After the lunch, we went down to the beach. The weather there was quite hot in the middle of the afternoon, the bright sun was shining on the beach there. It was a good atmosphere to have a picnic there or even play the water sports.
Oh yeah! After that, we took the chance to have another group photo again at the seaside. The sandy beach there was so clean and I was like the environment there! I hope that after my SPM examination, I could be there again.
Yes the best buddies of Action Group. My team mates starting from left Kwan Jin, Ju Kit and Ze Heng. All of us had served the school a lot! We did a lot of chairs and tables arrangement, venue coordinators, events set up and many more! We enjoyed the fun that we had together! =)
The Action Group teacher advisor, Mr Ch'ng and Mr Tan...
Our group Senior Executive Yik Xian and Eugene which from Form 6.
When come to the beach side, it's a good way to let everyone to relax their mind. Facing to the blue sky under the hot sun! It was amazing although there was so hot. As well as you could see that my team mates and teachers were enjoying there.
4 guys sitting on the beach chairs! It was taken inside the Flamingo Hotel which facing to the swimming pool. I like the atmosphere there because it was so peace there and I could heard the joy from those kids and also saw many people enjoying their lunch.
Before going back home, we did a lot of the group photos there. I seems turn fat a lot after having the heavy meal, have to on diet soon! =) But conclusion, the food there was quite nice and it was worth with the price RM 29 per person. It was served with the buffet style and you can take the food with unlimited unless you had full. You should go and try it! =) Every Sunday lunch time... Posted by GenYong 09.11.2011

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Chung Ling Graduation Day 2011 (Part 2)

Continue with previous blog post about my Chung Ling Graduation Day 2011. After that we were taken to the school hall and ready for the formal graduation ceremony. Everyone seems to be excited for the graduation and act funny in the hall. But after the discipline teachers took control of all students, everyone turned to be more serious and concentrate on the ceremony.
They are my classmates this year, from left Jia Kuan, Boon Han, Zhew Huan and Chin Siang.

After the bored ceremony, we were arranged by the prefects to go back to class probably. I was disappointed to the program arrangement which did not include the LIVE Band performances session for all the graduates. It was so bored compared to previous years!
When returning to class, I was busy to take photos again. The first one, my best brother Ivan Lim and I. Ivan was a nice guy who helped me a lot in my club activities! Thanks a lot Ivan! =)
Yea! There were Darren Ooi and Kok Meng who from the next class. After graduated, it's the official "holiday". Wait... it's the way to the SPM baru betul, our holidays will start from 07th December 2011 onwards!
Myself and Derrick Chuah here! Derrick was a helpful guy who helped me a lot on the Mathematics questions and even Add Maths questions! I really thanks a lot to him!
Jian Hao and the football captain Yeong Shen!
Oh yea! Group photo again. All of them were funny guys in the school! But all of them were really friendly to everyone, you can simply talk with them, play with them and also have fun with them any time.
Both handsome boy! Zhao Yao and Lester.
I was so proud to have the chance to take photo with Jason Lee who was getting the best student award from the school department at the graduation ceremony! Congratulation Jason!
He is Chee Meng, another close friend of mine! He really helped me a lot while I was in the Interact Club Society. He was good enough and always bring me back when we were staying back at school previously.
Jyh Kae who is my classmates too. He is well in sports activities, no matter basketball, football or even handball, he could play very well on the game! Besides that, he was a nice guy at class and always share his ideas with us!
Wow! Yeong Shen was so exciting until jumped up to the beam of the class! It seems that he was so happy after studying 5 years in Chung Ling High School.
The ex-footballers in our school.
Oh yea. This photo was so awesome! He's gay... No la He's Ze Heng! xD
Group photo again among 5SB4 classmates!
You Loong with Chucken! Both of them look like the twin-brothers.
These shirts design were so matched! Yu Ki's shirt was showing that He's gay and Boon Han showing his shirt on Run For Your Life! So it was act like the drama. Not bad!
Oh yea! Congratulation to Ying Sheng for awarded as the best student leader in the graduation ceremony! He was so well known in the school and I very confirm that he was a good leader as he lead well in Police Cadet, Monitor Board, Graduation Magazine, Fencing Club and Nature Club as well. He's so good and also a nice guy too! =)
So glad to see everyone enjoyed the fun moments with us! This was not yet the last moments we met in school. Another graduation ceremony is coming on this Saturday (5th November 2011) I am looking forward for it with much excitement! Tri Chung Ling schools having graduation ceremony together, what a blast! Check it out this Saturday!

P/s: Actually the ceremony was not so great compared to last year. I feel that not enough and not grand enough for our last ceremony in Chung Ling High School. The ceremony seems to be too formal and no entertainment at all. Ceremony full of speeches, awards, and talks but no performances! To most of the students will feel that it was a boring graduation. Posted by GenYong 02.11.2011