Friday, July 31, 2009

988 Roadshow 全民共舞最好玩

Last Saturday was a peak Saturday. Penang Island so lively on that day, everywhere held events. If not mistaken Queensbay Mall was holding two events those were Annual Young Enterprise Sales and also the 988 Roadshow to Penang. Actually what attracted I went to Queensbay Mall was the special events brought by radio station 988.
988 banner
I thought that this events held by 988 was to remember Michael Jackson with his song Beat It! But when I arrived there, I just heard some familiar DJs' sound. I couldn't see anyone there dancing or even break dance...
Firstly I heard ahLuke's sound and seems he was giving out something to the audiences. Everyone was so shy to accept his present and finally he called out those who can answer his question will won the whole gift.
The DJs
Besides ahLuke, there was also two DJs from 988 came. I not really know their names but I think they're still new in 988. Both of them hosted the event and just ahLuke always making jokes with the audiences.
As you can see there were so many people around watching this event. Luckily this event was not crowded by people as I got the chance to make myself inside to the photographs zone. Good! XD.
Picking Numbers
They were playing games with the audiences and called up groups to play the games and won the prizes that sponsored by Julie's biscuit company. One of the DJs was picking the numbers for the participant.
The DJs were discussing how to help those participants to win the prize and ahLuke was thinking some jokes to kacau the participants and block the way of participants. After he success he will laugh until so funny... XD! ahLuke really a good joker!
988 Roadshow
988 Roadshow2
988 Roadshow3
At the end, ahKen(988's DJ)was group with one boy and playing the biscuit transferring games. They had to use their mouth to transfer the biscuit. Mouth on mouth, what they laughed at was the little boy have to sacrifice his first kiss with ahKen. It's so funny after playing this games... Everybody laughed!

By the way, I was first time being to 988 roadshow to Penang. Since there were a lot time they came to Penang but where they mostly dropped by was Auto City. I was happy to see the real DJ in front of me! My favourite chinese radio station 988 is always the best!

988 最好听!
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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Transformers Stuffs in 3D

Recent post I posted up some photos that taken in Transformers Exhibition. Now continue with the Part 2. Actually I found a lot of photos in my hard drive and I plan to buy a new external hard drive to support my photo storage. But the most have to wait until PMR finish first.
Tranformers 3D banner
Transformers is a new creative products by Michael Bay. He has an idea to transfer the comic series into an interesting movie. Don't forget that Transformers movie is full of actions and is in shiny 3D models. I think the movie is really takes a long time to direct. Now finally got the series 2, 2 years later maybe the series 3 is coming out... Looking forward.
Transformers in 3D
Every stuffs of Transformers is going to be 3D. Why 3D? Compare with last time when it was 1960's Transformers were just a series of comic. It attracted a lot of teenagers on that time read it. But now it has directed into a movie and refresh the readers mind.
Optimus Prime (Lorry)
Optimus Prime 2
Now what I want to show you here is Transformers main character Optimus Prime actually is formed from a lorry truck. Before it transform is just a simple truck and after transformed become Optimus Prime. Actually the features of both pictures on top is found on the same board. The board can transform from a lorry truck into one robot... Can you see?
Bumble Bee (Sports Car)
Bumble Bee
Next, there was Bumble Bee before transformed and after it transformed. Before transformed it is a sports car and after that become a robot. The same thing, these photos were taken on the same board. That's why it attracted a lot of Transformers stuffs collectors took a look and buy those stuffs. I don't think that board was cost a low price, plus that time was the Transformers fever and the price will not be less than RM100.

So what upcoming? 988 events @ Queensbay Mall, YE Sales 2009 ... Stay tuned.
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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Strawberry Farm at Cameron Highlands

Recently I went to Cameron Highland with my family. We have visited the famous Strawberry Farm in Cameron Highland which brought by my cousin deewei. He was the tour guide for us and pointing the spot of Cameron Highland for us to visit. It's a cool weather and it's suit us...

I think for this post I show you the vegetables photos first, let you to see that how they plant vegetables compare with us Penangites.
Purple Cabbages
They used a special style to plant their vegetables. They plant the vegetables a few roll of pipes, inside contains some soil and they setup the water channel transfer under it. The above photo was showing a nice purple cabbages which we used to eat with salad.
Green Cabbages
I don't think these two kinds of vegetables called cabbages. I really not sure what name they owned. Who knows that? You can see that almost the vegetables was not on the ground. They were planted in the pipes with sufficient organic materials with water supply.
Water channels
Here is the water channel that what I mentioned just now. Everything now went into organic, so the strawberry farm officers also used the water channel for supplying water, food for the vegetables. Do you think that the plants will being more healthy?
Green vegetables
Double Strawberries
Besides that, I had a cute shot with this two little strawberries. I found it hardly and finally my mum called me and took a look. It's really cute, tiny and doubled! I didn't saw it before, do you?

By the way, we were visited a lot of place too... The more photos will update upcoming next, stay tuned on GenYong UNITY, I'm sure you get a lot of the features photos. Posted by GenYong 23.07.2009

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Cameron Highland, where I dropped by.

Last weekend, I went to Cameron Highland for 2 days trip. Together with my family, my both aunt(father and mother's side) we travelled to Cameron Highland. The organizer of this trip was my cousin Deewei. He always been to Cameron Highland with his friends so he took us to travel around Cameron Highland.
NorthSouth Highway
When my uncle was driving along the North-South Highway, I saw the signboard of showing us way to Cameron Highland then I quickly took out my DC to snap for it.... still got 1 km to go.
What's the place
But actually 1 km to go means that you have to travel inside Ipoh then use the Ipoh 'old road' to reach the Cameron Highland. It takes a long time and a long distance travelling through the hillside. It's a new road from Simpang Pulai so the road won't so winding. It's a long time to reach Cameron Highland due to the mist.
Where am I
In the afternoon we reached Cameron Highland and travel a little distance to reach our hotel. I keep the answer first for the town name. See whether you know where the town located. If you been Cameron Highland you should get the answer. Guess can?
If you want to guess the answer can just ignore this photo. Because the photo above was snapped when we visited to the Tea Farm. I just using self taken photo to show you. The more photos will post up soon. Stay Tuned...
Give you another hint. Where the Star Regency Hotel located? If you know the place that's the answer. Come on... leave your answer as comment... can? The more photos taken in Cameron Highland will post up soon. Posted by GenYong 18.07.2009

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Harry Potter - Half Blood Prince (Series 6)

Did you have movies fever since last month? Last month 24th Transformers 2 released, 2 weeks before Ice Age 3, last week is Public Enemies whereas this week the continuous series of Harry Potter released.
Credited from GSC
Waiting for a whole year, the movie finally released. The fans of Harry Potter were waiting for long time and now really released. By the way, did you watch it before? Or are you looking forward?The series of Harry Potter was released until the 6th episode. The last episode will be upcoming next on 2011 if everything go smooth. Since 2001 something, (I am not sure with the actual date of the first screening), the series of Harry Potter was started.The actors Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint were act since they were teenage. But now they already become the adults.

This series of Harry Potter make them become famous in the world and also makes them a good spirits and also a lot of incomes. In short term, I think this episode of Harry Potter will become more interesting and more changes coming.

You should go and take a look before you watch the final episode, the story is related. Posted by GenYong 16.07.2009

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ipoh Town City

Last weekend was the holiday for Penangites due to TYT (Gabenor)'s birthday. My cousin was organized a trip to Cameron Highland. What I can comment here the trip is extremely cool, not only the wheather cool but the trip really is interesting.

What I want to write today is about Ipoh Town City. Before we reached and after we back, we also dropped by at Ipoh for having some foods, bought some stuffs. Seriously I seldom go to Ipoh and I am not really familiar with Ipoh.
Before we travel to Cameron Highland, we stopped at this shop for breakfast. If not mistaken I think this shop is really popular in Ipoh.
Have you been there before? There were full of crowds.
After coming down from Cameron Highland, there was one Uncle Tommy brought us to Ipoh Original Old Town Coffee shop for having our lunch+tea time. It was also crowded of people seems that day was Sunday. Everyone was coming out to have their food too!

Do you have the original coffee of Old Town? It's really nice and good.
Then we dropped by to the biscuit shop which called YeeHup located in Ipoh Town City. My aunt bought some biscuits back to Penang as well as my mum. I don't really know what they bought.
Leng Lui
This was also one of the popular shops that can be found in Ipoh City. Have you been there before? Seriously, I have no chance to eat there since we're full enough. I sat in car and take my camera keep snapping non-stop.

P/s: Do you think Ipoh's girls nicer than Penang and other states?

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Flags @ Chung Ling High School

Passed few days I went to Cameron Highland with my family. Recently I was busy on my projects working and today finally settle down all, but still got plenty of homework haven't complete. Have to put more effort seems now already month of July, still left 80 something days to go...

By the way, I would like to request sorry from all readers that I didn't update my blog frequently. I hope today I can update for more that 1 post. At first let me show you some scenery in ChungLing High School. This scenery maybe you saw it before or maybe you didn't saw it yet...
Welcome to Chung Ling High School. The first photo do make you familiar step into Chung Ling High School. This photo also makes you have a national day feeling. Why it's full of flags? Actually those flags were hang by us (Action Group) to welcome the international guests.
Flag Flying
Besides the small flags, we also managed to setup the General flags on top of the roof. You could see those flags were flying on the sky.
National Flags
I like most is this picture, I think maybe this coming National Day I will put up this photo on my blog. National Flags which called Jalur Gemilang means that Malaysia is running towards the improved country. Add oil Malaysia!
Here is the banner that specialized for those 12 students who came from China. School was created 2 big banners hanging outside the school and in front of the hall to welcome the China guests. I really admired at school's action which was really friendly and willing to spend money on welcoming them.

Upper View
There were some random shots after school. Last week I brought my camera to school for whole week. Due to the international guests coming, I was taking chance to take some photos. But unfortunately non-succeed. I think next time will have the chance... I really happy that could communicate and share our lifestyle with international friends.

For those who came from China, I would like to say thank you to you all and welcome you to Penang and not to forget is ChungLing.

欢迎你们到访槟城钟灵中学,谢谢你的到来.Posted by GenYong 14.07.2009

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Football Competition @ Chung Ling High School

Football Competition
Last Saturday, my school had a match with the Phor Tay Private High School. It's a Kwong Hwa Yit Poh organized football competition. My school was the host of this competition! I had some captures of this match and would like to show every of my readers. It was a hot day in the morning, sunshine keep shining brightly to our face.
Did they score? Our school team tried out to score into the opposition that's Phor Tay Private High School. But did they success?
At first, they missed out but later they scored one. This one also an only once! 1-0.
Catch the ball
They played defensive and prevent the score from Phor Tay. Our school team football players tried their best get the ball as well as they can.
Score It-
Finally the Phor Tay football players didn't score it, everything is because of missed out. I think this is another confirmation of ChungLing High School football team is really good. But not to forget the coach who guided them for a long time.

P/s :There are a lot of posts will be coming up soon, stay tuned. Posted by GenYong 10.07.2009

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Transformers 2 Roadshow

Last weekend, I went to Queensbay Mall with my dad to look at the roadshow of Transformers 2. Actually the roadshow was held on 26th of June until 28th of June. Many people especially teenagers were there. Many photographers, Transformers collectors and also some Transformer gamers were there. Everyone want to have the model of Transformers rather than watching the movie in the cinema.
The Collections
The collections following with the series of Transformers were shown in the roadshow. I didn't read about Transformers and not even has it's collection. But my dad told me that the vehicles or anything that can change to a robot is similar like Transformers.
The Models
The models of Transformer were shown to the public and also open sale to everyone. One small piece sell for at least RM50. Whereas the large models can be sold in RM1000 too. Do you think it's valuable?
Optimus Prime
The above is two of the model sets at the roadshow. But mostly I like is Optimus Prime, why? Because his characteristic is good! *this was hear from people. Seriously I didn't watch the part 1 on year 2007 and now I still don't know what's the story talk about.
The Twins
I found the twins 3D board at the mall. It's cool and the twins are the new characters of this series 2, am I right?
Transformers' Motorcycles
The motorcycles
The Model
Wow motorcycles by Kawasaki. My dad loves that so much and he said to me if he got $$ sure buy one and ride. Those motors can be observe in the movie too! Can you see it? At the outside of the mall, there were a lot of peoples crowded there and look on the motor series.

Besides that, there was a model sitting on top the motor and took photograph. Really cool!
Just only one floor you can see many Transformers, how about the next floor? There are more Transformers at the 1st Floor. So I think I will post up in the next post can? Thank you and hope you check it out frequently.

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