Friday, December 26, 2008

The Day after Christmas

Hey guys, how was your christmas day? I have a wonderful christmas night yesterday because from my recent post you knew that I watched Yes Man in GSC Gurney Plaza. It's really a funny comedy movie which acted by Jim Carrey.

Alright, let me talk back the features that happened on christmas eve night. Nicholas and MinXiang were celebrate his christmas eve with his camp Organizing Comittees in Red Box whereas Alvin was celebrated outside the Gurney Plaza with Andy and TeeJin. How about me?

As they are elder than me two years old so they have the chance to go out by themselves. For me christmas is also an event with family rather than with friends or girl friends. Maybe I am still young and not so interested in friend celebrating christmas! That night, my dad drove us to Gurney Drive. It's just like last year, but we are not travelled the whole Gurney Drive because of traffic jam and they were playing in trouble! I saw many lovers was there and maybe bad guys or whatever. As I was taking the photos while my dad driving. It's blur at night and we can heard the 'High' of people outside the window glass.There are many of restaurant along the Gurney Drive, either it's air-conditioned or just kopitiam. There were corded of people get High! From my photos, the first was taking on the newly opened Coffee Island and Medusa Gold have singer singing there. It's was so fun that many people accompanying you to countdown for christmas?I am a penangite too, where got countdown and where is just crowded people? I ensure you knew that. Gurney Drive is just the place for playing the spray, people was mad spraying to everyone and the police was busy observing to prevent the bad things occured.

But for Upper Penang Road, there was really countdown and get fun! People was so HIGH and many hot girls and hot guys there. Traffic jam was more serious nearby the area! My dad drove us there and look for the celebration of the area. It's fun and HIGH, but there were too 'complicated' for me! Haha.

How was your christmas eve? Leave a comment here!
Posted by GenYong 26.12.2008


Anonymous said...

I didn't going anywhere for Christmas celebration, I was just staying at home watching TV. hehee..
I watched news on TV talking about some people in Penang playing the spraying thingy towards cars that pass-by... Hope there were nothing bad happened... : )

GenYong said...

Yeah it's over got teenagers get caught but hopefully they will not do it next time.

while christmas eve Penangites sure spraying here and there. XD!

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