Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Starwalk 2008 is coming this Sunday

Annual Starwalk is coming soon this Sunday at PISA. This event that considered as an annual year end program which organized by Star Paper Corporation. I am going with my dad to have a walk this sunday. Last year onwards, I take opportunity to join such events. So this year I joined Penang Bridge International Marathon on last month 16th. One month later, I joined Starwalk. I think Starwalk is an enjoy walking which can encourage family walk together, friends gather chit chat while walking and have a peace walk!
Alright, the closing date already over. Have you registered? My dad registered for me last month and he went and apply for it. Dad, thank you! Dad encourage me to join such events and important is don't want me to become bad boy.

Anyway, who is going this Sunday? I am looking forward for the Starwalk 2008 held. By the way, I can't make myself to attend the Bloggers Gathering at Paradise Sandy Resort. To every blogger here, I would like to apologize for I can't make so. I missed the Penang Bridge International Marathon taking photos chance so now is the time for me to take a photo in Starwalk! Posted by GenYong 10.12.2008


LeeChien said...

hey, i have posted the snow that you want..

GenYong said...

Lee Chien, thank you very much for your post about the snow. I have successfully created. Is it nice? Snowing around my blog. Haha.

Anonymous said...

ei u go starwalk oso dun wan call me....
haiz...nvm la now onli i saw ur blog


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