Monday, December 15, 2008

Annual Service at Old Folks Home

Last Saturday(06th December), I went for the Co-operative Club annual training camp. I live at school for 2 days 2 night. During the training camp, I learnt a lot of living style without parents. But this not my first time that joining such training camp in school. This camp have some special features that non-included in last year camp, such as annual service and treasure hunt.

Last year, we went to town centre, KOMTAR for a journey walking. Walk to KOMTAR from Chung Ling High School and finding some clues for treasure. But seems different organizer different idea, this year he cancelled the journey and paly with other games and service. Is it more comfortable for members?

Little Sister of the Poor
Where we come? We came to Little Sister of the Poor for the service. This is an old folks which next to Chung Ling High School.
Walk to service
As well, we woke up on 8.00am and prepare until 8.50am like that and we started walk to there.
While we need to go into the old folks home compound, the organizing chairman was asking for the permission from management.
Starting to help
After we go into the old folks home, we walking around the compound and feel curious to 'interact old folks', LOL. Anyway, we were starting to help the old folks.
Sweeping floor
We swept floor.
We did gardening.
Cleaning Door
We cleaned door.
Doing work
Finally, you can see I am doing my work and not only be a photographer!
Break first
Then the person in charge invited us for a break. She provided us some biscuits and kopi O. Cool I think this is a free charge service and we get it as well.
Looking parrot
Before back they were looking for the parrot and teach it talk some bad words. LOL. They were quite crazy and the parrot finally scolded them back bad words as well! Posted by GenYong 15.12.2008

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