Monday, December 17, 2007

Penang Starwalk 2007 16/12/2007

For your information, last post I just raise that I will go for Starwalk on Sunday. That's true I went and I did it! What I did? Is just I really can walked 10km from PISA(Penang International Sports Arena) to Airport, then back to PISA!! From today news article, I know that the activities have about 1 million and 200 thousand participants joined this walk!! It's held on Sunday(that's yesterday) 7.00am until 1.00pm. Wow!! Really a lot of peoples!!

We reach there about 7.00am. And we parked our motor near the PISA there and start to follow the walk. I woke up 6.00am yesterday morning, but is okay for me to walk there!! The air was fresh in morning. That's really!! Let me show you the pictures la:We walked out the road to Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah. That time I started to take some photos. This walk many of peoples joined, just look at the pictures you will know!! I felt that just like morning walk as usual like last time I have been. When reach my primary school>SJK(C)Chung Shan there, there was the StarPaper Office at there. Just focus at the picture, there was 100 plus sponsored stalls at there to give out 100 plus drinks to all participants. Seen they were very busy to serve us, really good job at them. After drinking, we continue our journey. Many peoples were tired and just don't want to walk finish. But we don't!! Just walk mah, not run!! haha... On the way, have many of S.T John members to stand by there for emergent hurt of participants. After 2 hours more that's about 9.30am, we reached the end. This just like Cross Country Run right? But is walk, not run!! Haha.... Then, I just followed my dad to take our motor and went to Sunshine Square to buy some batteries for my camera. We thought we can went back to home and rest for few minutes, but then there was late and we confirm that no need to go back la!!

There was carnivals at the outside of PISA. Got Milo and Cornflakes for sponsored drinks, DiGi sponsored Rojak and Popcorn. I didn't take photo, because that time my camera no battery ready. Then, we walked into the stadium indoor part. The aircond was so cool. We saw the DiGi's yellow mans were perform on the stage. Quite cute!! Hehe...Look at this pictures^^ Is it lots of peoples? That's true la!! But no full seat la!! PISA so big, If full seat, that's useless!! Haha... Just joking!!Seen that we haven't get seat, we went and played games first!! Pallas, Magnum and DiGi provided games for us. But not really get somethings!! Haha... Just get a notebook from Magnum and a can of drink from Pallas. DiGi gave us a nice picture that I take with my dad beside the yellow man!! You look at my face^^ Oh no!! That time I was hot, so that my face...... Haha.. But now no la!! When we find for a seat, I quickly take a shot for the Stage and the peoples. Wow!! You see at the peoples, lots lo!! Really "Peoples Mountain Peoples Sea"(in Chinese). Haha...
After the lucky draw was drawed, everybody was "rush" to go back!! Although we didn't get anything, but we felt happy that we can saw the peoples happy!! Haha... So we will see you next year!! Wait for you to participate!! Penang Starwalk 2008 is waiting for you!!

Although, we didn't get any prizes. But we believed that we are just walked for fun!! Get more experience in walking journey. After back home, I felt so tired and slept for a while and then went to tuition. Yesterday night, I slept earlier lo. This morning woke up late, about 10.00am. Haha.... Okay la. Just until here!! Next post is my delay post that I promised!! Wait for it!! Starwalk 2008, I must join!! Merry Christmas!! Posted by GenYong 17/12/2007


YouLoong said...

why ur face so stim wan..
i walk till sienz liao la
scout 6km journey..
plus from youth park walk to CLHS ..
u try b4 ?

Dragon said...

wah..... your face really like.... i don't know how to descrbe. hahaha.

K3ViN said...

wah u really seen enjoy the walk lor..... ur face.. err... abit like me last time lor....... :P

dick said...

sry ya
long time no leave comment
u go star walk
go zien fei
good lah
so fat d

the one at piza bluff ppl one
my family n i go 4 nothin'
my dad got fark up n quarrel
wth da pancake owners
very qi cake


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