Sunday, November 16, 2008

Penang Bridge International Marathon 2008

Hey guys and gals here, did you see me at the Penang Bridge International Marathon? I was just came back from the events. I feel it is too waste that I didn't take my camera along, because my sister is currently using @Singapore. A few great announcements to you!

- This event is successfully held!
- There contains around 16,000 participants take part!
- There was 70+ lucky draws for participants.
- A young man won Proton Saga and a young lady won motorcycle!

Wow! How come? Don't shocked! The young man is from Kepala Batas, he was just graduate from secondary school. He was just pass the car license and need to congratulate to him won the grand prize! Alright, a lady from Penang won a motorcycle!

I didn't snap any photos for this event, so hopefully you can go and visit the blog of who have participated in this event or else the official website of this event. Anyway, our dearest chief minister YB Lim Guan Eng was there and he gave a great speech to us. From his speech, he mentioned that our purpose participate in this run is not win, important is you can run through the marathon! As a penangite, we must always support the events which held in Penang!

Besides that, the organizing chairman YB Danny Law Heng Kiang was giving a speech which say much of thank you to every participant and the visitors from oversea. He also congratulate the winners of this marathon and welcome the tourists visit Penang.

Lastly, from my opinion. In this great marathon, which I have first time join. I get many of newly view in Penang and community. I realized that non only the school events I can join this holidays! Even any events I can go support it! I wondered that there was many supporters and over thousand of volunteers helping there! I was very proud that my dad was accompany me to participate in this great event! Finally, I also want to thank for Penang State Government which bring us this great event!

Next year 29th of November, see you again! Next great event *Run >>> Starwalk on 14th of December 2008! I will be there, are you going to join too? Posted by GenYong 16/11/2008


Josette said...

Was it tiring running along the Penang Bridge?? I used to join marathons during my school days but I lack the stamina and determination to win. :/

Oh, who won the marathon??

What a lucky young man to win a brand new car!!! He must feel totally ecstatic. Winning a car isn't a small thing! :D

GenYong said...

Yeah I agree with you. Some of them ran bridge felt so tired because in the midnight they already started! About the winner is almost African from Kenya. The young man is so excited! Congratulations to him!

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