Friday, February 1, 2008

Sunshine Square 1 Day Sales!

Sorry guys for my late update! This was because I busy for my club Koperasi's blog! I was ask Nick and Kokahkok to teach me too.... They really teached me, but I cant accept the steps! Haiz... I was decided to do this in this coming Sunday. Today already the second month of 2008 ready! A month of schooling to bore and also interesting to attend activities too. Alright, I followed my family to do the CNY shopping last Saturday night. Let me show you the photos I 'curi' shot.
Canned Foods
This was my first photo! My grandma bought a lot of canned foods! This was prepare for this coming CNY! This coming Tuesday, my grandma will cook a lot. That's well for me to eat again! Will show you all some photos about that.
Alright, that was a box of oranges sold there too. Look at that, then you will imagine how was the cheapest 'kam'!
Small Oranges
There was some small 'kams' also! Compare with the above one, this will look better! Right?I was decided to take the orange and shot with me! But there were some promoters there, so I can't do it! Lol.
CNY Decorations
CNY is coming, that's sure have some decorations la! This was decorate by the Julie's biscuit promoter! Is it nice?
Do you believe that we were just buy this such things? Actually not! We bought a lot. I think this year was so many drinks! Got Sarsi, Oranges, Ice Cream Soda, Pepsi, Kickapoo, 100 Plus and 7up Revine! Can we drink finish? I think can la!
100 Plus

7up Revine
This was what I said just now. We bought a lot of canned drinks! All in two dozens. Two dozen=24, so 24*24*24 equal what? Just think for that! LOL.
CNY Hampers
This was the final photo that I can show you! That was hampers! From RM200 onwards to any numbers! Wow, so expensive!But if rich peoples, that's ok for them la! Right?

Alright, I will stop here and go to sleep! Tomorrow got activities, want go to school! Good night!


maike said...

know what we have in common?
me you and KOK also went to have cny shopping with family
we are guai guai zai~

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