Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Penang Chinese New Year Celebration 2008 Part2

Hi guys, tonight I was just finishing my assignments. Luckily now still early, so I can blog. Continue the last post. This might be the Part 2! Yo this post pictures will very nice oh! Alright, I just quickly post it.
Chinese Yoyo
Do you play this before? From Kokahkok, this is the chinese yo-yo. This boy was so young, maybe was younger than me, he was from Phor Tay Private. He said he was practice hardly for this performances, but that also for his skill to play this chinese arts things. Cool!

Mouse love rice
Do you heard the songs of 'Mouse love rice' before? Haha. This not a song, is a contest! Actually this was participate by the kids. How to play I don't know, but I believe was so fun and can win a lot of prizes! XD.


Cute things

Those were the nice photos that I said just now. Actually every photos were nice. But I feel that those are better look and creative. This was my standard shot! LOL. The first sure are mooncake la, nothing special. Second, the small stuffs from China, can you find where is the logo of Beijing 2008? Third, the cute mouses made with the colour of gold! Gold Rat Year 2008! Cool and nice stuffs. XD.

Group photo

Me and mum

Me & Mum
Those photos contain my face! Hehe. The first photo was take by my mother. Not bad at her skill! The peoples of performed and shoot the group photo with me were so fantastic. I think they were from China. Then, you will saw me as a guard ‘状元’(in chinese) Is it called guard? Don't know! Hehe. Those photos were take by my mum's friends who was the camera man before. As now he still helping peoples to take the wedding photos. Yo, if you want to be marry and decide to take nice photos, call him! LOL.

3rd Stage
This was the one of the stages near the Prangin Mall there. The gold mouses were take at there lo. I just remember that there was a 财神爷 was giving some angpows. But I did not have one also! Just ignore it lo! LOL.

Alright, this was the post of the Penang Chinese New Year Celebration 2008. If next post was nothing to post, I will going to continue with many photos still in my Flickr , so if you are free just go and see. Anyway, now I have to sleep, thinking what to do next! Yo, good night. Happy Chap Goh Mei! Posted by GenYong 20/02/2008

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