Monday, February 4, 2008

ChungShan Primary Sports Day@2008

Hi guys, feel some suprize why I will be online now? Haha... is like that today already 2 days more to go to CNY. So now I have been done my homeworks, so now can blog lo! Haha.... Alright, last Friday 01/02/2008 I went back to my primary school that's ChungShan, Bayan Lepas. I took some photos too... Mind to share with you all! Let me show you:
First Game
This was the first game of the sports day. Held before the teams ranking! Haha... This was brought by Std 1 students that I think so. Quite cute!
Before the ranking, all the students must be gathered together. Good boys and good girls too! All are 'guai' in hokkien. LOL.
Prefects Ranking
This was the Prefects Ranking! Cool. I still remember when I am std 6(2006) I am a prefect too... I am holding the flag! That time really cool. I was think back to my sweetly primary now!
Red Team Ranking
Next, there was the red team ranking. Red look like fire! Red I support you all! My sister's team, so must support her! LOL.
Yellow Team Ranking
The second teams was the yellow team. My primary team! I like it much! Still remember that year Yellow team always lose. Now no more, Yellow be strong! Good try!.
Blue Team Ranking
Blue=Ice XD. Red VS Blue who will win? Haha... Alright, this I was not so sure. Must be ask my sister and see! Hope them can try better next year and forever!
Green Team Ranking
Lastly, the was the fairly green came out! Wow. Their shirt seems same like the grass= XD. Haha... Green mix Yellow VS Blue? Haha... Dunno?! Try your best! I will support all the teams!
In year 2006, I was been there the first person who holding the flag! Now think back, really so cool! Everybody was respect me! GOod=XD! LOL.
This was the teams of the sports day! Left one team?! Where are green team? Alright, this is because my camera can be snap too big space! Haha... Next is green and blue lo:
Blue and Green
Green and Blue is come! Good! .... Finally, I stop here the shot of this part!

Anyway, this was the long post that I have been. Wow, do you read this long post before? Haha... Next, I think will be intro some bloggers or CNY celebrations le lo! Gong Xi Fa Cai! Posted by GenYong 04/02/2008


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