Thursday, February 14, 2008

Delayed post, CNY 3rd day post

Hey guys, I am sorry for that was not update this post as well. This caused by the homeworks of me too much, so I can't be update this few days. Alright, as now I am free, so can update ready lo! XD. CNY 3rd day I went where? That day, my KL aunt was decided to back KL ready. So my mum invited them(sure include me la) to have a lunch in YMCA(747 Cafe) So I shot for some photos. Let me show you la! Sure you will hungry after reading this post! LOL.
Beer Meats
What is this plate of things? This actually is 'beer meats'. Heard from the waiter, he said this was cooked by beer. Do you believe that? But after eat, you should have one more! Then later you will feel asleep. XD. HAha.
Mushrooms with Vegetables
Wow, all mushrooms. This plate of meals is my favourite. I like mushroom! Mushroom+vegetables= the best! Hehe. I really like this meal!
Chickens! Not KFC oh! Hehe. Is the chickens that fried by the cooker. But that feel like while eating KFC. XD! Do you starting hungry now?
Fried Popia
Ahaa. Fried Popia! This sure you hungry! This really tasty! Cool. Eat this with sauce is delicious oh! That's sure.
This also mushrooms? Not la. Mushrooms mixed vegetables and 'tao fu'. This is called 'sa po tao hu' (in cantonese) LOL. This meal also not bad! Sure.
Asam Curry Fish
Lastly, curry fish is coming! This curry fish was cook mixed little bit of asam. So the taste have some sour. I can't tahan of spicy, so I didn't eat it! Bad me. Spicy, I can't eat! Haiz...
Wah, so many plates of meals. Can't we eat finish? Hehe. That's sure can finish la! So many peoples=14 peoples! Good la! This lunch I feel is simple but is comfortable for my KL aunt! This lunch costed RM250 somethings. Wow, is like that! (CNY price) LOL.
Up view
This picture actually is before the lunch I shoot from upstair of the building. So look like a gathering right? LOL.
My uncle and Keegan
Do you saw this two guys before? XD. That's Keegan and his father(my uncle) la. They were crazy at that time! Haha.. You see they were so happy! LOL.
That day, I followed my parents went to Butterworth and went back to Island. Wow, Penang Bridge was so traffic jam! We reached the Yeoh Si Association already 3.00pm(usually is 2.00pm started) So shame! Haha. Anyway, I just simply shot it shot!
Yeoh Si
Haha! Do I feel so noob? Hehe. This is shot by my sister! Haha. Is ok la! Just ignore it! Haha. This was the last photo. This post quite lots of photos right? LOL. Sure you will hungry now! XD.

How was your valentine day? Leave comment and tell me la! We can discuss! Hehe. Later I will go to town and visit peoples how to pray the sky god(Pai Tee Kong) Haha. I will shoot it and show you all! Next post> CNY 4th day! Wait for it! Posted by GenYong 14/02/2008

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