Saturday, February 9, 2008

CNY Day 1 (night)

Hi guys, do you feel suprise with my this post? Actually this was under recent post. But this was the food post, and we were having the dinner at night. So I separated to 2 posts. I just went back from lunch in YMCA,Penang. This was the gathering of my KL aunt, they had been back to KL ready! Anyway, just show you all the picture.
The Cafe
Penangite, do you been to Relau before? That was opposite PISA and nearby the temple restaurant. Do you been there before? Alright, this was the banner of the restaurant. Actually it can't be called restaurant, is just can call cafe. LOL
Curry Fish Head
This was the Curry Fish Head. This suitable for 14 peoples to eat? Not right? Ahaa... too small la! But is ok la, everyone get taste it!
Bai Kut
Next, is the 'Bai Kut'. This was order by my uncle. Looked nice but I ate some of it only! XD.
Dinner chairman!
They are the dinner chairman and chairwoman. Haha. Why say so? Because there are my uncle and my aunt. Is them invited us to have this dinner. After dinner, also they paid for it! So I called them chairman family! LOL.
These were ladies. My mum, aunts and my cousin sister! My mum feel so sleepy la. My aunt was thinking something else. My cousin sister was busy on her phone! Haha...
This was the temple behind the restaurant lo! I went in and pray for a while followed my father and he was pray with joysticks. The temple outlook is it fantastic? LOL
Those lanterns were nice right? This just can be match with CNY feel mah! XD. I quickly shot up and I was not edit this picture with words because I was feel it so nice and ddon't waste it to let you all take a look!
Me and my cousin Keegan
This photo was taken by my sister. She take the photo for me and my little cute cousin! Haha.. My cousin was 'eating' with his finger, but he was looked cute. This photo was taken in my aunt's house. Smile!
Keegan Smile!
Ahaa... This photo quite nice which taken by my sister too. My cousin smile! Cute? Haha. He was quite naughty now, this was said by my aunts. Haha.. But he was almost cute! That's true!

Anyway, looking forward for my yesterday photos? Alright, I will try to edit later and post it as fast as possible. Okay? Wait patiently ya! Happy CNY! Posted GenYong 09/02/2008


Anonymous said...

I can see that you have so much fun~

Haley said...

yo man! what's is bai kut actually?

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