Friday, February 22, 2008

Penang Chinese New Year Celebration 2008 Part3

Hi bloggers and all my visitors. I am just back from tuition and tomorrow I will going to school for Koperasi activity. As now feel sleepy ready, but have to continue blog! Alright, just said that if I was nothing to post I will continue the events right? Ahaa. This is the part 3, also the last part! Let's see:
Small kids
Look at this small kids. What was he doing? He was hitting the drum! Yo, I hope that next year can be saw you join the team and hit the drum well. LOL. XD!

Drums team

Dragon performances
Wow, this was the lions performances! Not lions, is dragon. Hehe. This performances was presented by HanChiang High School Their performances quite good and extract many peoples to see!

Lions head
This was what I said just now! Lions head? Haha. This was use for performances too! I shot this nicely and look fresh right? LOL

Hock Tek Si

Chong Yang stage
Those were the assist. of stages. There was so many peoples crowded at there! For what? Surely is to catch out every performances!

Gold stuffs
Wow, the gold stuffs! I want it. But that was not the real! Hehe. Looked so nice and take photos! They were smile so sweetly! Yo, I want the real! Golden.

Big flag
This is the special events that just Penang Island have! The big flag events. They were so pro in this activities which practice many times! That's fantastic.


Kor Tsu Koon
Saw the VIPs on top the main stage? They are who, seriously I don't know! But I just know who are famous in Penang, who serve Penang well! Do you saw Dato' Kor Tsu Koon? He was giving speech. Other poeples said that he was promoting the Undi of this coming 8th March. They said he called us to support him. Alright, we just looking forward for it! Which do you decide to vote for? Barisan Nasional or Rocket? Hehe. Now have to sleep, I will continue tomorrow for the bloggers introduction post! Wait for it! Posted by GenYong 22/02/2008


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