Monday, February 11, 2008

Gong Xi Fa Cai (CNY 2nd Day Edition)

Hey guys, do you noticed that this few days still is the CNY! Haha.. CNY was until 21st of February. So that, if you not yet greet your friends still not late! Today was the fifth day of CNY, almost peoples was working ready. They surely will celebrate a 'Open Work' celebration. Do you celebrate it? LOL. I just have to say sorry because yesterday night I have to do my assignments so can't be update my blog! Alright, hope you all just ignore it! Continue to 2nd day of CNY!
WinnieYong with YuShang
On that day, my aunts all came to my house. Wow! My cousins them also got came. This photo is taken by KevinChoe. This was the picture of WinnieYong with the 'YuShang' LOL. Is it fun?
Inner of YuShang
The inner of the box! There are ingredients in it. After that, we matched all the ingredients together and start to 'lou'! XD.
YuShang mixed
Yo! The ingredients all mixed! Then we can 'lou' now. Just wait for prepartion of my grandma and all my family member(adults only). Why children no need? Is because children haven't work yet!
Lou Sang
'Lou ah!' They started to 'lou' ready. Cool? 'Lou' until high, be good! Hehe. Don't know how to explain! LOL.
Let me introduce you all some delicious meals cooked by my grandma. This was the soup! Big events meal should have a bowl of soup right? LOL. The fish balls looked fresh? That's why so delicious of this soup! Fish balls+Vegetables+Meats and many more......
Roasted Meat
Next, is the roasted meats. 'Siu Bak'(in hokkien) Is it looked so delicious? Do you want to taste it? This picture was taken by my cousin. New style!
Optimus Fish
Second, there was a plate of optimus fish! 'Jiu Hu'(in hokkien) This was fried with chilies and some onions. So I felt so spicy and ate some only. Haha. But heard from my aunts them said so tasty! This I can feel it, because my grandma cooked meals is always delicious!
There was the raw chicken which cooked by my grandma too. This mixed with sauces really nice to eat! Sure! LOL.
This was the special of CNY this year! Fish? 'Nian Nian You Yu'(in chinese) means every year got less. Haha. So Fish was same sound with 'Yu' (in chinese). LOL. This meal was recommended by my father.
GenYong pose
Is it looked smart of GenYong? Haha. This photo was taken when came back from visiting to relatives house. This was taken by my sister. Alright, now my sister was decided to update her blog. But she was not free to update because busy to study. LOL. So I think this was the last post here and I will back to school tomorrow. Happy Working! Wait for my next post! Posted by GenYong 11/02/2008


Renge said...

Happy CNY!
all d best in ur study. ^^

世峰 said...

thx for visiting my blog....
ur blog are nice too,
the CNY food make me crazy,my saliva.... haha....
thx o,nice to meet u....