Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Valentine Day

Hi guys, what is the date tomorrow? If you are adult or teenagers, you should know that what is going on tomorrow. Tomorrow is 14th of February, that's mean is Western Valentine Day. Do you celebrate it? With who? That's sure is boyfriend or girlfriend la. XD! As me so young just celebrate with family lo. Tomorrow is a school day also, can't be celebrate, just take it as usual! Alright, this might be the short greeting post. I greet everyone Happy Valentine Day, stay touch with your lover! You may be happiness! LOL.
Happy Valentine Day
Valentine greeting card by me, GenYong. Happy Valentine Day! Celebrate well tomorrow yo!
Posted by GenYong 13/02/2008


Renge said...

Happy Valentine's Day!

Dragon said...

happy valentines day to u too....

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