Thursday, February 7, 2008

Gong Xi Fa Cai! (CNY Eve Edition)

Hi guys, Gong Xi Fa Cai to you if you are a chinese! Step in the day 1 of CNY already 50 minutes around. Just now I was praying and editing some photos. Until now just can sit down and blog. Haha.... New Year not so early to sleep right, bloggers. Happy New Year! Gong Hei Fatt Choi. Anyway, I took some photos yesterday. So now let me show you!
Yesterday morning, my grandma prayed ready. Is just a simple praying! Haha... That time I have not yet went school! So I can shoot it!
Guan Gong
I shoot 'Guan Gong' also. But blur at all! I used zoomed leh! Haha... Just ignore it la!
Tua Pek Kong
This was 'Tua Pek Kong'. We prayed as well too.

At night, we have our CNY eve dinner ready! My aunts all come. We eat and talk until midnight! Haha... We not eat steamboat, is:
CNY Eve Dinner
This was the dinner. We have our grandma cooker cooked this meals all. Is it looked nice to eat? I think this was more delicious than steamboat! Do you feel it? LOL.
Fruit Cake
This was the fruit cake that my mother brought back for CNY! She was cut for the pieces. Delicious!

Alright, just now what am I doing? Haha... Actually, I help family to prepare somethings. What is it?
Fruits for CNY
There are the fruits and 'Nian Gao' that I have do the decorations on them! They are for praying! So must be careful while I am doing! XD
A type of fruits
What is this? Is a fruit of CNY, but don't know call what. Is it looked cute? Haa... That's true! It just look like oranges right? LOL.
nian gao
This was the most important things during CNY! That's 'Nian Gao', at least everyone must be eat one small piece! Haha... Is it true? Don't know wor! Just heard from old peoples.
Holding kam
The last photo of this post! I am holing the Kam! Not real kam! Haa... Is it cool? Hehe... Everyone happy CNY! GOng Xi Fa Cai, Gong Hei Fatt Tai Choi! Happy Rat Year! Going out tomorrow morning to get angpows lo! So must sleep now! Good night. Posted by GenYong 07/02/2007


BeverLy's Secret said...

i'm starving after viewing your CNY eve dinner..

Anonymous said...

Have fun during your chinese new year ^^

Apple said...

Accidentally clicked publish..the above anonymous is me. ^_^

Teeji said...

Gong Xi Gong Xi...nice to meet you....o_~

lonelyteacher said...

Your blog is really nice! how old are you?

Cekik Darah said...

Happy Chinese New Year from team

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