Friday, February 29, 2008

A special day of 29th Feb!

Hi, suprise? Why I will back on today? Actually my exam is coming nearly just left 2 days to go. So this post I was quickly to post then go and do my revision ready! CNY over, exam is coming. I am so scare at it, will you? I was just say sorry to everyone who always visit my blog. I was didn't update my blog because I was so busy to get my study. Today as a special I was decided to post it, if not next time have to wait until 4 years later, that's 2012. Yo!
29th of Feb
As now, I was so busy to study for exam. And now I will be off to concentrate in study. I will be back on March 05th night. Wait for me yo! I hope that my exam will be fun and also not too difficult. Hope that get the result flying colour! Alright, just say good night to you all and see you all on March. Posted by GenYong 29/02/2008


kang yong said...

Good luck in your exam! :)

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