Friday, February 15, 2008

Delayed Post, CNY 4th Day

Hey guys, do you feel suprise why this time I will be online? Ahaa.. Is like that, today is holiday! Alright I just remember that got this post haven't update yet! Alright, this just a simple post! Oka let me show you:
Grandma with wealthy god
Wow, 'Chai Shen Ye' Wealthy god! This was my grandma with wealthy god. The wealthy god was so funny. He gave us each person two kams. There got lucky numbers!
Father with wealthy god

GenYong with wealthy god
Next is my father and I with the wealthy god! My father photographic skill not bad ya! Haha. This was shot located next to my house! Sports Toto shop! 4D....

Actually, I must shot when I was in the temple that I went on that day. But my mum not agree for me to shot, because there were many gods. She said not good, so I just listen with her advise.
Lucky Numbers
This was the lucky numbers that given by the wealthy god! Haha. 161118! Nice number right? My grandma bought the 6D! Let's see:
Spots Toto 6D
There, 161118 and 073133 Haha... Don't know got draw or not! Haiz... I haven't enough age to play 4D! Haha. Alright, this was the short post, next will be the bloggers introduction! Wait for it. Posted by GenYong 15/02/2008


Dragon said...

blogger introduction? what is that? introduce all the bloggers? me in the list or not? hahaha :)

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