Saturday, February 23, 2008

Bloggers Introduction! (2nd Badge)

Hi guys, recent posts I said that I will introduce some bloggers right? Sorry for my slow update, because I was busy to suffer for the coming soon exam! Many assignments and short of time! Alright, this was my problem is ok! I can solve it. This was continue by last time. But now I want to introduce some bloggers. Do you feel that excited to know who are them? Let see:This was my friend YL Bear blog. He was calling me many times to introduce him, but I was busy! Now I already intro him. He want more visitors, can you go and support him? He was kindly to invite you go visit his site!
This was the senior of my school. He was working in Intel now. If he got dropping on your site, surely his nickname is Dragon He was pro in IT skills. So if your PC have any problems can fid him to service! LOL.

Let us discuss about female bloggers. This was the Maine's blog. She is from Convent if not mistaken. She wrote the interesting posts of her life log. And also she was a donut lover! LOL. First visit to her blog is know from Alvin I can consider she is my elder sister ready lo! XD.

Next, is Rachel. I was visiting her blog last night. She wrote the interesting post also. Just like Maine, I think she also from Convent also. Alright, she also elder than me. So can be my senior ready la! Hehe. If you all have time go these few blogs and visit visit la. Don't forgot to promote me too oh! Thanks.

Do you interested to be my blog idol? I mean through the introduction I can promote you. If you want just inform me by email or chat in MSN and also leave comment in this post! Hope to see you next! GenYong's Choice Bloggers Competition 2008 is started. Come on join now! Posted by GenYong 23/02/2008


Dragon said...

Dragon is the name i use for my mood my feeling while allenooi is the one i use for BLOG it with ALLEN.

Anonymous said...

hey you salah link me =)

Lee Chien said...

intro me? hehehe..

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