Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Penang Chinese New Year Celebration 2008 Part1

Hi guys, this few days I feel so tired for my trip go where else and shoot here shoot there. But I was meet some of the bloggers. Such as Kokahkok, Nicholas, Alvin and also MinXiang They were in there on that day. Why we will meet together? Is because before attend the events, we have planning where to meet. Yo! first time meet Kokahkok, he was our senior leh. MinXiang is my senior too. He was joining Nicholas and Alvin to shoot for photos. Or else me, just followed with my mum and shoot photos. Anyway, just show you all photos.
Tai Chi Perfomances


Spring Festival Rolls
I use three photos to present once. Okay? Alright, the first photo is take while I was at the main stage. They were performed the Tai Chi performances. Next, was the caligraphy stall. There let peoples to learn how to write the caligraphy well. I have been try it before. Will be show you next post. The third photo is the words which must have in house. LOL. Is it nice and creative?

Work of art


Mill Rice
First, is the design of some basket made in china. I think so. Next, is the creative of arts. Do you know how to do it? Really difficult. Saw GenYong in photo? I was doing what? That's mill rice and this photo was take by the supervisor of this stall. Yo!

Making lanterns


Lanterns 2
This was the photos which nice and want to share with you all. The first teach you how to make a lantern. That's cool and creative. Next, was the lanterns that hang up. Lastly, the mooncake festival lanterns. There got some questions to ask about you. Difficult.

Anyway, now I am going to prepare for school. So see you all this few days as soon as possible. This post will be continue to part 2. Wait it patiently. Posted by GenYong 19/02/2008