Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Making of Bubur Cha-Cha

Hi guys, what the style of Sunday you have? I was having a quite meaningless Sunday. Is it exam is nearly soon? Busy to study? Alright, this was the reason. Just now morning I followed my parents went to 'see house' at Pearl Garden, Sungai Ara. This properties quite long years ago, about 9 years like that. Anyway, my father was pay the down payment for the seller. And we bought this house for my new house. I didn't shot photos at all because this was still peoples house! I will be discuss this topic after my school exam. Let see how to do the Bubur Cha-cha:
Bubur ChaCha
As this was the bowl of Bubur Cha-cha. How to make it? Do you know? Let's me show you!

First, must be prepare for the ingredients. Such as types of potatoes must be get ready! Is not just for decorations. The Santan is the most important 'character' of Bubur Cha-cha. Must be prepare for it first!

Next, pour of thee flour out and mix it with water. Then use anything such as chopstick to mix them together. Any colour as you like just put in for decorations, such as red colour.

As we on that day, we prayed of fruits. Just a simply ending of CNY. Chap Goh Meh! That was the school day!
Arts (batik)
This was the arts design that I did. The batik of Seni Visual. Is it creative of these colours and looked nice? Hehe. Quite nice and I was happy to see that. Now was quite late, and I will go and sleep for tomorrow school day. Haiz, exam come ready! So have to stop blog starting from now. So I will be back on 6th of March. Just let you all to looking forward for my next post la. Bye everyone. Good night. See you on March! Yo. Posted by GenYong 24/02/2008


Akira Wah said...

Wow, so delicious neh... hehe... got some to share with us???

Roopa said...

Lovely post GenYong:)First time on your blog:) it looks good!

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