Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Malaysia Popular Bloggers(Penang)

Hey guys, I post it this article is to introduce some bloggers that very pro. Everyone know who are Kennysia or Smashpop? They were the famous bloggers in Malaysia. Actually, I can't be like they so famous! But now I want to introduce you all future popular bloggers in Penang.
Do you have visit his blog before? He is a pro blogger of Penang. Really dunno how to describe him as well! Haha... He is from Lions Club! He hosted many of websites too. He was the first visitor in my blog, he support me well. Thanks for him! So that, if you all are free go visit his blog! He will serve you all well! Fairly loyal oh!

Next, Is Nicholas Chan! Nicholas is a pro blogger such as Smashpop. Hhaa... Both of them are friends. Alright, is nicholas teach me how to blog well. He supported me many things. Is he support me to have a personal blog! So now I must recognize him! He really a pro blogger. He was famous in Penang right now! (think so) Go support him too.

Lastly, there was Alvin! He was also a pro blogger too. But he is same with me, still learning! Haha... Alvin, Nicholas and me still students. So we must concentrate in study! So now he bought a DSLR and his own domain! So can go support him lo! Go la! He is loyal to serve! Don't worry.

Anyway, bloggers are you excited at this introduce? Do you like me to intro you to get more visit rates? This post actually is just the starting. I will be introduce and make a competition soon! So if got any informations or any details , just leave comment here or email me Thanks! Wish you all Happy CNY Eve! Posted by GenYong 06/02/2008


KOKahKOK said...

wahsai~~ opps..recently duno why start to use wahsai this word..anyway, kam xia for introduction..... roar~~

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