Saturday, February 2, 2008

Late Post: Dinner at Golden Lake food stall

Hi guys, I was feel so sorry to post this article late! Actually, I was follow my family went to Golden Lake, Relau in chinese called 金湖 That was the Relau famous food stall! Opposite the PISA only. I can't be shot for the header of the food stall because that time there were raining. Alright, I think this will the simple post la. Okay, let me show you all the photos that I shot.
Loh Bak
This was one of the meals. 'Loh Bak' in chinese 卤肉 lol. Nice to eat la, but don't know how was the price!
Yong Tao Hu
Next, that was the big bowl of Yong Tao Hu. Wah, this quite delicious la! Haha... Alright, The price was RM9.50 for this plus four bowls of rices. Really comfortable!
Fried Oysters
Lastly, is the fried oysters. This I think was the most expensive meals! Haha... About RM6 somethings. So small plate and not so delicious also! LOL.

Alright, this post considered a short post. Anyway, I was decided to post more posts of this few days I was doing what. Okay, I will post next is some life log things that let you imagine that CNY is coming soon! Happy CNY. Posted by GenYong 02/02/2008


kang yong said...

whoa.. Rm6 for a plate of fried oyster!

you should try the fried oyster in malacca lo.. and i believe it would be much more cheaper than anywhere!

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