Sunday, January 27, 2008

First school activities on 2008!

Hi guys, actually this post is under yesterday planning. But I was not free to post and delay until now! So I can just quickly post it and go to sleep! Try 30 minutes to finish it! Just now drawing for the school competition of Scenery of CLHS! This drawing take me about from 6.00pm until 11.00pm! Wow, but about 9.30pm- 10.30pm I went for dinner la! Haha...

Alright, I just post the yesterday post. Yesterday, I was in school but I doesn't meet any bloggers. Haha... Nick and Alvin included! Anyway, yesterday went to school for attending KRS activity and Koperasi activity! KRS can't be take photos, but Koperasi not same! Freedom! Alright, attend the activity for what? That's fun!
Let's see petanque. Do you know what is it? This actually I also not so well to explain! Haha.. Is just an international popular game of one! This is said by President!
Score Petanque
We just let the Form 1 boys play first! But I actually haven't touch the ball! Haha... But never mine, let peoples play first la! I just busy to shoot only lo! Haha... Seems that is a job for me to be a 'camera man' in the club!
President was giving speech for us! He told us the intrustions to play and also setup the duty list begin next week! Seems that all the members were respect him well! GOod.
Next, is the time to buy T-shirt! The Form 1 boys was queue up and waiting to pay for T-shirt! One cost you RM16! Purple in colour! Nice! HAha... Quite cute for the Form1 boys!
Do you know who are him? He is my friends YouLoong Haha... Yesterday while I was walking to go home and meet him! I just say that want to help him to promote his blog! But now actually i just can recommended you all to go and support him la! Haha... YLBear! Do you know him? He said that he look so 'stim' while the scout activity was finish! Actually I feel that not la, as usual! Cool blogger! Haha...
CLHS Scenery
Just now I was said that I was drawing for long period right? Haha... This was what I drew la! The scenery of CLHS! This was the competition, but actually is not easy to get award! Haha... Alright, I yesterday took camera and go to shoot to form some ideas for drawing! If not I can't draw! Haha...
Side view
This was the photo I shoot next! Haha... This view more nice or the recent? Haha... actually I choosed the first one! Good...

Okay, I think I will stop here and go for rest! Alright, I was decided that can update all the picture I took today! Next meet was in February ready! So what will you do it in February? Happy CNY! Posted by GenYong 27/01/2008


KOKahKOK said...

petang right? koperasi eh ma? i played b4 and enjoyed when i was in koperasi! hehe

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