Sunday, February 3, 2008

CNY decorations in home

Hey guys, I was wake up on 10.00am just now and keep having my breakfast and bath all such things then now sit at here and update blog! If you are a Chinese, do you noticed that last Wednesday was the ‘送神日’ My grandma was doing the celebration last Wednesday. So when I was back from school, I quickly take out camera and shot for some photos.
CNY banners
Those are the banners of CNY. This was for the prepartion of CNY. This already hang it up in my house! HAha...
Not real oranges
These oranges is not real one! Can't be eat. This was like a decorations of CNY too... IS it look funny? Haha...
Soul things
Don't be shock! HAha... This actually is the soul things. I don't know how to explain it. So don't scare about it! Haha... LOL.
CNY Home Decorations
This was brought back by my father. Actually this was the home decorations. But my father said this was he brought from my primary school. They are decided to decorate the building well. Alright is like that lo. LOL.

This also considered as a short post too. Afterwards, I will go to tuition and get hair cut for CNY too.. So wait for my next post! Posted by GenYong 03/02/2008

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