Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Jade Emperor's Birthday 天公诞

Hi guys, do you went to the Penang Chinese New Year Open House yesterday? That was really cool. I went for it and just walk for looking some interesting things to shoot. Alright, this post suppose to be update on Friday. But I was too busy yesterday and can't be update it. Anyway, this post is considered a nice post, many pictures post or else you will not feel boring. Maybe this post will be same as KOKahkok ,but the angle of taking photos might be different. LOL.
Things that prayed

Father pray
There was my home prayed the Jade Emperor. As well we are not 'Hokkien Lang', but we just pray it for 'fun' lol. Just hope that Jade Emperor can be care of us.


After we finish praying in house, my father was bring us to Chew Jetty to shoot somethings. That's really thanks for my father he brought me to shoot at how peoples celebrate CNY this year.

Pray place

There was the main pray place of Chew Jetty. And the second pictures is under 'Halal'. LOL. This might be our traditional things for praying. So just ignore it la!

Chew Jetty

The temple
Then, we went in the Chew Jetty. That's the banner of the jetty. Is it look nice and creative? I just know it first time. There was the temple in the jetty. It seems that there are the main temple and only one temple of the jetty, I think so. That's decorated by many lanterns and it looked nice and fresh.


Lions Performances
Those are the performances that I saw that night, lions and western people. It seems very cool. Nice performances!

Long table

Big Pineapple
Twin Towers
On the long table that I saw somethings funny. A big pineapple and 'twin towers'. That's not real, but seems real! Hehe. Alright, my photo taken how? Nice and fresh? I am slightly to improve for it! Now have to go for CNY dinner at my primary school. Ok bye. Next, Chinese New Year Open House is coming Posted by GenYong 17/02/2008


Dragon said...

i hope next year i no need to work so i can go with u all.

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