Thursday, March 6, 2008

Election Fever 2008!

Hi guys, I was finally come back to blog. I was so tired today but recently must be post this for update! Hehe. Tomorrow I will launching two new site, one is for my friend Makan-makan In Penang, another is for my society Co-operative. So come and support la! Besides that, just now morning I just attended the Koperasi Kursus from 8.00 until actually is 2.00 is finished. Wow, that's cool but tired.

Anyway, just based on my title election fever! Yo, election is two days to go. Everyone is prepared for their job, but as me a student just can be promote lo! Hehe. Sorry for late post for this! As now every street can be saw the BN or the DAP and also the Keadilan banner right? Surely as me in Penang, many chance to see these banners. Let me show you:

DAP Flag
DAP Flag in Gelugor.

Vote DAP?
Vote for DAP!

Keadilan Flags in Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah.

Keadilan flags and BN flags?!

Banner of PAS
PAS! Seldomly saw. Good for malays? Haha. LOL!


Roadside BN banners
BN Roadside banners

BN banners

BN peoples.
Calon BN! The banner! Vote him?! Or else. LOL

BN banners!

Banner on roadside

BN active room
BN active room in Bayan Lepas and the banners in Jelutong!

This was what I want to post. Thanks for visiting. You will vote who? I am not suitable to vote yet, so no choice and no comment! LOL. Vote who? BN or DAP? Is just your choice! Choose it carefully, you care for Malaysia! Posted by GenYong 06/03/2008

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