Friday, January 6, 2012

Kiwi Berry Frozen Yogurt

Guys and girls, do you ever try frozen yogurt before? Maybe someone tried Tutti Frutti or any outlet before? So which one you like the best? Well, I am here to introduce you a brand new Frozen Yogurt Kiwi Berry opened at Queensbay Mall Basement North Zone!
I never had the frozen yogurt before, not Tutti Frutti or anything. But once I made my first time in Kiwi Berry yesterday, I was thinking to help them on promotions about the frozen yogurt! However, yesterday my friend Derrick Chuah brought me to there and taste for the frozen yogurt, we ordered a cup of it and had it there.
What's so special inside is the yogurt was like ice cream but yet it was so smooth and so cool. You can add up top in as you want and there were a lot of choices for you. Up to 6 flavours frozen yogurt and ore than 20 types of top in for you to put.
Wae Samm and Shun Jian in the house! xD
So after you get a cup of frozen yogurt, you can go to the counter for weighing. 100g for RM4.90 and see what you take and how many it weighed. Quite okay la, but yet I still feel that the price is high a bit. xD! Anyway, the taste not bad and you should take a try once! But if you just want to try the taste, get a FREE sample from the crew there, they are almost my friends there.
#Teach you how to serve yourself! Posted by GenYong 06.01.2012

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Camy said...

nice try. i tried tutti fruiti but never try this before

GenYong said...

@Camy oh i see... so how was tutti frutti taste? Hmm... this one not bad, you should go try once!

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