Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New Year Eve at KL (Part 5)

After the brunch of DimSum, we did our first shopping experience in the year 2012 at The Gardens and Mid Valley Megamall. The Gardens Mall I had been before on the year of 2010 and I still remember that time also that crowded of people. That place almost everyday also crowded according to my cousins, especially holidays or weekends! Cool.
Samsung outlet in KL was always full of people visit. No why, just because of Samsung Galaxy Products were there! In Penang, it was hard to find a new released Galaxy Note but there was a lot for you to grab! Cool. The free trial of Samsung Galaxy Tab and Samsung smartphones were make those people can get to use free inside that shop. Sushi Zanmai was another sushi outlet in the mall, the queue up line was so long and according to my cousins the sushi there sounds tasty! 
Walking around the basement to Mid Valley Megamall. There was plenty of food outlets in the basement! Seriously I can say that KL food market was so huge and everywhere you can eat just scare you not enough credit to cover it. Hahaha! KL Food was not bad and yet it was not really expensive as you think! For example: One bowl of Koay Teow Soup there selling RM 4.50 which bigger than Penang one and the materials inside was a lot! Once you ate one bowl of it, you will full and stay for a few hours! 
The Mid Valley shopping mall had decorated with CNY stuffs, I like the unique design of the CNY decorations and it looks so special! In the middle zone of the shopping mall, there was a maze built up with the plants decorations, those plants were so nice and I think it was specially requested by the shopping mall management to decorate up the mall for christmas season!
My cousin was trying the Alienware laptop! OMG.
Those buildings above was captured at The Gardens Residence 21st Floor. Wait, I was not living there! My uncle's brother went to KL too and we met up him at there and pay a visit to his rented residence. According to him, one night rental fee is around RM 600 and two night might over RM 1200! The scenery view there was so nice and can look far until the KL City! 
My cousin with DOMO!
We had walked over the Mid Valley Megamall and shop for almost the whole shopping complex until night. Done our dinner at Sushi Tei in the basement! We had walked through a lot of toys models stores and even puzzle stores, there was a lot of unique artistic items selling. It was attracted a lot of people visit that shop too! There you can see my cousin was so like the DOMO model and tends to have a photo with DOMO! 
My cousin with AstroBoy!
Yes this was my little cousin Keegan boy! He was a cute kids and yet he was naughty sometimes. Sometimes he even clever than us and like to follow what we said before and always remind us about the rule! Now he had go to Standard 1 and I hope that he can study well and being more smart after school. One of his hobbies is to collect toys, in his house you can see that a lot of toys had occupied his room! Ultraman was his favourite and also Mickey Mouse!
At last we done our lunch before we went back home on 2nd January. The lunch treated by my uncle was so nice and worth to eat! I will show it on my food blog as well soon! The restaurant was located at somewhere near Cheras, and the place is called Mahkota! Anyway, after lunch we said goodbye to all my cousins and see them in this coming Chinese New Year! 

I am looking forward for Chinese New Year to come, are you? This Saturday the celebration is going to be started in my family, are you ready? xD. Posted by GenYong 17.01.2012


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