Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New Year Eve at KL (Part 4)

Here come to Part 4, what we had for our dinner on the Day 1 after the shopping in Pavillion KL? Hmm... tell you it was an awesome steamboat. It was like Lok Lok in Penang and yet like CNY steamboat in house. The special features was the special soup in the steamboat, got around 10 choices for you! Let see what we had:
Yes! It's Shabu Garden! Inside was all the Shabu-Shabu stuffs.. got seafood, lamb, beef, chicken and many more! This place was located at South Gate, Sungai Besi which was the newly open shopping complex. Currently inside this complex having the Over Time and also PapaRich! I believe that when I go KL on this year the complex will be occupied fully!

Yes we had our dinner in this nice place! They were my cousin sister, brother, aunt and uncle. Can you see that the special way of serving the steamboat. Not a big bowl and everyone rushing to have the materials. It was like everyone will get a bowl of soup which got 10 choices for you to choose! Not bad la the service I like that place very much.

There was the variety meals we had. So delicious and plenty of them! Full of seafood and every kind of meats. After we ate this, will really getting the high protein and fats or even the high cholesterol level. But don't care, just once and not everyday eating that! However, we ate until all the ingredients finished and not to waste anything there! 

There were plenty of food there and mostly were seafood. I managed to finish up everything as I could because wasting food is not a good manner! So we ended up with the dinner around 11pm and seeking for place to go countdown. Everything had finished up and end up with the cost of RM 300 and free membership card for my uncle. Not bad la the taste and the food style! I like it very much!

Yes the 1st meal in 2012 was the DimSum at Duck King which located at Petaling Jaya. Made my first time there too! Early in the morning there was crowded inside the restaurant! This restaurant was specially served with the roasted ducks and maybe some DimSum food. I will post more about that soon in my coming soon food blog. Anyway, the taste and the environment there was not bad! So my 1st meal in New Year 2012 was DimSum and Happy 2012 for that! 

*Soon, we had came to Part 4 I think Part 5 should be finishing up the whole series of KL Trip. Stay tuned!

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