Thursday, January 19, 2012

1st Avenue DragonCNY 2012 Decorations

Gong Xi Fa Cai! DragonCNY 2012 is coming in a few days more! So are you ready to welcome it? Have you done your new year shopping and bought the new clothes for yourself? Hmm... when season comes like christmas or chinese new year, the shopping malls will decorate with the festival items and bring out the atmosphere of the festival.
I went to 1st Avenue last Tuesday for the opening ceremony and I saw the unique design from the shopping mall. Seriously it was nice and consider not bad in Penang! A few big lanterns hanging in the centre zone of the mall and surrounded by a few small lanterns beside.
As you can see inside the whole shopping mall was full of the CNY atmosphere. I like the red cloth wrapping the handrail and it was so match the atmosphere! Really a nice one. Besides that the top floor designed even nice and I think this was a big project for the decoration person. Cool! 
As you view from the low level until the top floor, you will see that the lanterns arrangement was like inside the fun fair or perhaps the wonderland. The colour matching between red and yellow was so match! How nice is it? There was a message from the shopping mall "1st Avenue wishing you a Happy Dragon Year!"
In the middle stage, the management officers still built up a nice stage for the CNY events. After decorated, the stage seems to be smaller a bit but overall it's nice! The special from the stage was the China style building standing there! I have no idea how they do that but it was really awesome! Besides 1st Avenue, I had visited to Queensbay Mall and taken some photos about their CNY decorations too. Stay tuned for next post! =) Posted by GenYong 19.01.2012


Nicholas Chan said...

like the big red lantern. =)

GenYong said...

@Nicholas yes i think this will be the awesome decoration in Penang Island... Nice right?

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