Monday, January 16, 2012

New Year Eve at KL (Part 3)

From the Part 1 and Part 2 until now I still writing for the Day 1 in KL! I think this trip photos can let me write around 5 parts of stories or even more than that! The story continue from the Pavillion KL, alright I love the Pavillion KL Christmas Decorations very much and it was so awesome and looks so nice. Hmm... let me show you here:
That day when we were there, there were a team of band perform the band performances inside the shopping complex. I don't know what occasion was that maybe they were just performed as volunteer to greet people Happy New Year? By the way, it was attracted a lot of people taken out their camera and take some shots. Some of the kids were so excited when saw them! 
Just walking around in the huge shopping complex! Not mistaken this complex was built up until 8 floors. The top floor is the management and property office! How cool is that? The huge stage in the centre of the mall and the unique one is the stage was at the underground! It seems like 1st Avenue in Penang but this one really awesome!
Saw many people line up in front of a booth, I wondered what food/ drinks so attractive. Then I asked my cousin about that and they suggest me to take a try on Chatime! Drinking Chatime is a trend now! People rather take Chatime as their beverages compare to Starbuck or Coffee Bean as mentioned by Nicholas Chan previously in his blog! I took the first try on it, and seriously it was so nice and cooling! The taste was so good and the materials inside were even cool! No wonder the queue line will be so long!
Walked and walked, it takes us the long time to really walk through the whole shopping complex because it was too big! Here we come to the top floor for the wing of the shopping complex and we saw a special zone called Tokyo Street. Even my cousin also never been there before so we decided to walk in and take a look inside it!\
Tokyo is the capital of Japan, of course inside this zone were full of Japanese products. The zone inside were designed uniquely with the Japanese style and some of the artworks really attractive. Inside the zone you can feel that yourself were standing at Tokyo! The shops inside were some selling Japanese food, toys model, stuffs and many more! 
Inside the Tokyo Street, there was an artist who volunteering to do the portrait drawing for everyone. There was a lot of people queued up too. The free drawing time is from 11.45am until 3.45pm, so my cousin advice me to queue up and see the luck. Finally I was the last one who get the chance to get the free drawing from him! His drawing skill was so awesome and it look really likes me! My little cousin did one too! I will show you that drawing after the story series.
Walked out from Pavillion KL, we end our shopping in Pavillion KL! That time were nearly evening and the people were more and more crowded and ready for the New Year Eve countdown. We didn't stay there until the late night because we realized that place will be seriously crowded and the traffic will stuck inside there. We rather take dinner at SouthGate which located in Sungai Besi! I will show this on the next blog post.
Walked back by using the same way we came just now this time was from Pavillion KL to Farenheit 88 to Lot 10 then Sungei Wang Plaza and last Berjaya Times Square. Walking to Sungei Wang Plaza there was too crowded and the Magnum sponsored concert were prepared to have the start. Road was blocked and MY FM DJs were there playing games with the people. Come back to Times Square, the whole mall turned to be even crowded! Cool... especially the Chatime booth!

Well, KL was really full of teenagers and new stuffs, on the road we could see a lot of teenage boys and girls or even couples walking! xD Posted by GenYong 16.01.2012  


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