Wednesday, January 4, 2012

5SB4 Mad Farewell Part 1

End up with my journey as the secondary student, I had myself involved in the last farewell for this year with my classmates. Previously, we had one farewell with our class teachers and this one is for only our classmates. Well, we had rent Sri Sayang Apartment for 2 day 1 night to have our class farewell. The attended classmates were awesome, almost 3/4 of the classmates turned up on that day.
5SB4 Mad Farewell
5SB4 Mad Farewell5SB4 Mad Farewell
We went to Batu Ferringhi beach, walking on the white sand, playing water at the seaside. We had enjoyed the last farewell for the year 2011, I believe that one day in future we can meet again and gather up for sharing. On that day we had planned for Barbeque and steamboat dinner, bought a lot of materials and food tends to celebrate with everyone!
YouLoong, Yong Jian were so enjoyed!
Come over to Batu Ferringhi beach, the first thing that we should do is to explore the nice seaview and even swim on the sea. Although the sea water was not pure clean, everyone seems to be so enjoyed soaking in the water. Inside the sea, they were not forget to play with our school traditional game - gang bang! How to play? Gang that person and remove off his pants and throw to other side! Cool. xD!
Some of them didn't go to water and sit on the sandy beach enjoyed watching the nice seaview. That place having a lot of seaside activities like Motor Boat Riding, Banana Boat Riding, Volleyball and many more! It's a nice place to relax yourself there! =)
Well there you can see my classmates were mad always and even inside the sea water also can play with the gang bang! Remove off people's pants and keep laughing to each other. Besides that, they even play the game of hide and seek, keep running in the sea water! Cool.
The group photo in the sea water!
After swimming, some of them were turned up to the beach and set up for barbeque set items. Set up with the barbeque set, ready for the BBQ materials, light up the charcoal and let it keep burning and wait for few minutes before the BBQ starts! 
Everyone was started to make their food. Some of them were really hungry and started to have a big meal there! A few minutes later all the fried rice and fried bi hun were finished up! Cool, I could see that they were so hungry after swimming. After that, we still use the BBQ pan as frying pan using butter as oil to fry up the chicken wings instead of burning on top the charcoal.
Here come the sunset, watching sunset at the seaside was pretty cool. That time the food almost finished and  everyone was ready to tidy up those BBQ stuffs. Sunset was very fast and around 7pm like that the sky turned dark soon. We were packed and ready back to our apartment!
He's Yeong Shen, football captain in the house!
He's Wei Chong, the handsome guy!
He's Aaron Lee, the funny yet chubby guy!
He's Yi Siet, the cool guy!
Before end up this blog post, I would like to show you some of my classmates. Since there were having sunset, everyone was excited to have the memorable photos for themselves under the sunset. It's very nice to have the photos such like this. No more chance, just once! Stay tuned for the Part 2 in the following blog post. Posted by GenYong 04.01.2012

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