Thursday, January 26, 2012

DragonCNY 2012 Eve

Gong Xi Fa Cai and Gong Hei Fatt Choi to everyone! Today come to Day 4 of DragonCNY 2012, so do you go anywhere else for the CNY visiting? Some of them are working today and some of my friends are back to National Service in the camp. To those not yet work or doing nothing, maybe they are now watching CNY movies in the cinema!
Alright, so how was the reunion dinner before DragonCNY come? My house for my dad's side were having the earlier reunion dinner on the eve of the CNY 2012 eve, means 28th December (Lunar calendar). All my aunts and cousins were back and having the dinner together, after dinner chit chatting and share some latest features with each other! What a good reunion atmosphere there.
Here come to 29th December (Lunar calendar), my mum's side having the reunion lunch from my grandma who came from Butterworth. She is also a good cooker in the house and cooked the reunion lunch for us! Not bad the taste and we did sharing with my uncle, watching movie, playing firecrackers with my little cousin Keegan boy.

At the night of 29th, I was helping my mum decorate up those fruits and get ready the stuffs for praying god! That's why my grandma tends to use the 28th for reunion dinner and 29th for the preparation of the Dragon CNY! In the Chinese New Year, there were firecrackers or fireworks around, we did that too! As my dad said that CNY once a year must have firecrackers to build up the CNY atmosphere!
Step into 12am, everyone was busy wishing people Happy CNY or GOng Xi Fa Cai in Facebook or via SMS! I am the one who wish my friends too! Praying was more important than that, I prayed to god and hopefully in this DragonCNY 2012 all my family members living in healthy and wealthy, having a prosperity chinese new year! For myself, I wish I can success in SPM result and get my good future studies!

*More CNY 2012 blog post coming soon.... Stay tuned! Posted by GenYong 26.01.2012

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