Saturday, January 21, 2012

GO Home Reunion!

2 more days CNY is really coming to town. To those who work or study at outstation, are you ready to go back to hometown and reunion with your family? Listen to radio station 988 or One FM mentioned that many of the outstation worker or students are now on the road coming back to hometown! Well, traffic jam that's of course so mostly have to avoid the road accidents ya! Be careful on road!
回家团聚。吃饭。过年 Go Home Reunion
As for last blog post I had posted up a touching video, did you watch it? Can you get the meaning of the video? Alright, I had designed a poster to remind everyone to go back and reunion with their family because CNY your family is waiting for you to come back!
Well, I had created Challenge Team since last month 31st, this organization is mainly focus on organizing events, community activities, sports, charity services and many more. So for this DragonCNY 2012, I had organized a FB contest and open to everyone participate on it! Just several steps you can walk away with prizes during this CNY!

How to participate?
1st Step : LIKE our Facebook Page
2nd Step : Submit your photos on our FB Page Wall
3rd Step : Call your friends or family to LIKE on your photos
*The top LIKE winner will walk away with the prizes in this DragonCNY 2012 Posted by GenYong 21.01.2012

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