Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Christmas Eve 2011 Countdown

Sorry for late posting up this blog post, recently I was busy to help my friend to set up his online business stuffs. CNY is coming I also need to buy some new year stuffs and went for outing too! So now we flash back to the previous christmas celebration that I had with my family. Usually every year I was having the christmas eve countdown with my parents because I don't have couple yet! xD.
Rasa Sayang Hotel was so quiet on that night, no celebrations, no lights, no concert. Just a peaceful night there! Hmm... I don't know why. We walked on the Rasa Sayang Hotel compound and feel that the place was too romantic, the compound was so big but the lights there was not bright enough. Too many trees there makes the atmosphere turn to be dark. But it's a peace place to stay, 6 stars hotel... Good!
Anyway, we made our first time countdown christmas by the sea. That night we had visited 3 places that's Rasa Sayang Hotel, Hard Rock Hotel and the last one was at Straits Quay. As for me to compare 3 of them, I would like to say the most quiet was at Rasa Sayang Hotel, you can really enjoy the peaceful christmas eve there. The most crowded was at Straits Quay but they don't have any celebrations out there. The most fun and exciting was at Hard Rock Hotel, I quite like the Foam Party!
Here come the Hard Rock Hotel, inside the hotel I could see many people sitting at there enjoying their dessert or coffee, chit chatting with friends. Some of them were at the swimming pool there playing the water and even having the foam party there! DJs were playing the club hitz for them to play around, that night was saturday night the atmosphere even high!
Boys and girls were there playing water and having fun together! Cool.
Inside the Hard Rock Hotel, there are a lot of unique stuffs to see. All the classic musicians were here, what I mean was their previous shirts and images were here exhibit for visitors to witness it. Some of the designs were unique and I like it very much!
Spending the whole christmas eve travelling to Batu Ferringhi, but it's worth because I did my first time being at Batu Ferringhi at night. I saw crowded of people walking on the road for the night market and plenty of traffic jam too! In Hard Rock Hotel, it was so fun looking those teenagers playing around with the water, well it's a nice place for couples too!
Hard Rock Hotel is not that big I think, according to my dad he said Hard Rock Hotel previously should be an old style hotel, but I don't know what name is that. But now Hard Rock Hotel can be said as one of the crowded beach hotels in Penang. Besides that still have Park Royal, Long Pine, Paradise, Flamingo and more!
At last at the Straits Quay there was so crowded of people but no celebrations, no cheers and nothing. Just walking around, playing around. No countdown, just wish each other merry christmas, no shouting! Seems to be so down. Anyway, after this we had went back home. I will post up the New Year Trip to KL soon! Stay tuned. Posted by GenYong 11.01.2012

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