Thursday, January 19, 2012

回家过年! Back to Hometown Reunion

Chinese is going to celebrate the Dragon Chinese New Year 2012 in the coming 23rd of January (Monday). As the CNY eve should be the reunion dinner for everyone! So are you going back to reunion with your hometown family? I believe that many of the outstation worker are so excited and waiting the CNY holidays to come and celebrate with family! 

I saw one video that shared out by my friend this morning. I watched it and nearly cry out in the ending of the video. It's a advertising sponsored video last for 10 minutes by the China Pepsi company. The video is the latest one and just uploaded for few days. Starring by 张国立,古天乐,罗志祥,周迅,张韶涵. A very touch video and you should watch it and remember to go back home! Happy Reunion =) Posted by GenYong 19.01.2012


Camy said...

i saw this ads before/ super nice

GenYong said...

@Camy yes it was super touching and I nearly cry out after watching this! Go Home Reunion!

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