Sunday, January 15, 2012

New Year Eve at KL (Part 2)

Continue from the previous post, when we reached Pavillion KL. The traffic jam and crowds were begin, the traffic light for people to cross the road was quite fast and to avoid the traffic congested. So most of the people were just crossing over the road in the quick response!
The outlook of the Pavillion KL was quite nice which fixed up with the large fountain and yet the water was activate! The water non stop playing on the fountain and make the hot weather turn to be cooling a bit when I stood there. Quite nice scenery and set up!
Besides that, there were having the country designed bear at there, seriously I not sure what's that. I used to take some photos on it and took a photo for my cousin posing. I also quickly camworing myself at the Pavillion KL! I don't take a lot photos because there was so hot standing there and crowded of people! 

Yea! That's Pavillion KL, finally I got the chance step in here!
Yes, I was step into the Christmas Wonderland @ Pavillion KL. I was wondered to see that the christmas decorations in the Pavillion KL was really great! OMG. The management of the shopping complex for sure was a good experienced management and could decorate the mall until so well. There was crowded of people and I was just walking behind my cousins and busy taking photos inside the mall! 
The luxury look inside the shopping complex, yet I can see that it was the most branded shopping complex in the Bukit Bintang region since year 2007. I love the building structure very much and there was like so unique and can be compared  Although the stuffs inside the mall was not really affordable, yet still many people walking in and out there. Most of them were just do some windows shopping but to some shops really earn quite a lot. Do you know what shop?
Not that shop on top, that shop was selling the type of artistic items. It was mostly made by the glasses which in chinese called as 琉璃 liu2 li2. The colourful making was attracted a lot of people's eyes. I still remember the exhibition at E&O Hotel in the month of July 2011 while the Georgetown Festival. So what shop the best business? Hmm... of course is the food avenue! On the next blog post, I will write more about the shopping complex there. 

*Stay tuned for the New Year Eve at KL (Part 3) for more explore in Pavillion KL Posted by GenYong 15.01.2012


FiSh SzeHui said...

pavilion :)! my fave hang out place. but i didnt take pictures with the bear though. tokyo street is awesome among everything in pav btw

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GenYong said...

@FiSh I made my first time there and yet it was the most luxury shopping complex! Hmm... proud of KL having this kind of shopping complex! I wonder now the CNY decorations were there and looks even greater right?

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