Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Grandma's 72nd Birthday

I think this blog post is quite belated already, yet I still need to post about it. My grandma had celebrated her 72 years old birthday on last year December. So as her children like my dad and aunts were organize a family dinner for her. Not the special one, just go to the oriental restaurant which named StarView Restaurant located at New World Park, Penang.
Nothing much special, just simple family dinner celebrating my grandma's birthday. I like my family because when they gather they are sure will talk non stop and sharing with each other about their thoughts! Cool. My cousin brothers were elder than me, they are working now! Good.
Oh yes! The delicious main plate... I think only this plate already cost up to RM100 but the taste was nice! A lot of delicious dishes inside! Some materials were so special and taste not bad! In the middle of the main plate still having fruits salad. Nice!
Here come the last dishes of fried mee. It contains a lot of materials like prawns and meats. The taste good and yet we were quite forcing to have it that time because everyone had full in the dinner. Although we had full just tried our best to finish up everything in the end!
Actually this restaurant was divided into two parts, one part is for people wedding dinner whereas another one is for other occasions like family dinner or birthday celebrations. Well, I saw my chemistry teacher Miss Teng there, she looks pretty with her boy friend and sitting with her family attending her cousin brother's wedding dinner! Cool, I still give her a piece of cake after it... xD
Yea! It's my grandma's birthday cake! My grandma had officially 72 years old already, for me it's a quite big age! Cool, I was glad to have a good grandma ever who could cook for us everyday and her cooking were always the best! Don't trust me? Come my home in CNY, I let you taste her cooking! hahaha... Well, I wish my grandma can stay long life and always be healthy and happy staying with us! =) Posted by GenYong 05.01.2012

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