Saturday, January 28, 2012

DragonCNY 2012 Day 1

Today is the Chinese New Year 6th Day, so what did you do in today? Shopping, hanging out, family outing or watching movie? For me in the 5th day, I went to watch a CNY movie with my aunt and grandma. Let's review back the 1st day of Dragon Year, what usually we did on that day? Having vegetarian brunch in the morning, visiting relatives, greeting neighbours and everyone!
This year Day 1 of Chinese New Year as usual after our vegetarian lunch, we visited our relatives and greeting them with some mandarin oranges, chit chatting, taste for those CNY biscuits and many more. This year my another cousin Natalie was having her 6th birthday in my aunty's house! Birthday + Chinese New Year combo makes my aunty's house turn to be even more people, the reunion atmosphere even bigger.
There she's the birthday girl! Not that standing one, she's sitting beside me when I took this photo. That girl standing in the photo was Natalie's younger sister, both of them are so chubby and play around with us always.They are growing up at KL Puchong City which are my cousin uncle's daughter. This was the first time Natalie celebrate her birthday in hometown Penang! 
Yes you can see the sweet moments between the sisters. Both of the are look alike and also the same chubby! Well, their age is same rank with my little cousin Keegan boy. As for Keegan was always play with them and playing around like the kids!
There my cousin uncle and cousin aunt together with their daughters such a happy family there! I still remember my cousin uncle was having his wedding on the year 2004 26th September which married with my cousin aunt who from Sarawak Kuching! My cousin aunt is a kind person and of course a kind mum to her daughters. When I was still kids, I used to out with them whenever they came back from KL!
So conclusion in the first day I get around 30 angpaos from relatives and neighbours. Not really much and some was just red packets a lot but inside was not that much! xD. Well, I don't care about this. Chinese New Year just enjoy it will do! Don't care about angpao and money! So how many angpaos did you get? 

*Stay tuned for the CNY 2nd Day blog post. Posted by GenYong 28.01.2012

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